Grand Ducal family celebrates the octave for the first time with Prince Charles

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, the Grand Ducal family took part in the festivities concluding the two octave weeks. A tradition that the family has never escaped, except for the past two years, due to the health crisis. So the grandfather and her husband, their heir, resumed tradition, and this year, young Prince Charles joined them for the first time.

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Octave closing in the presence of the Grand Ducal couple and their heir in 2022

As a wise figure, attentive and serene, there was no doubt that Prince Charles, who had just celebrated his two years of age, was perfectly able to behave well throughout the octave mass, in the cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg. The hereditary son of the Grand Duke Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stephanie attended the two-octave-week closing festivities for the first time.

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In 2019, the papal closing mass for an octave was special since it took place a month after the death of Grand Duke Jean. So it was the bereaved Grand Ducal family that attended the festivities. In 2020, due to the health crisis, all octave celebrations were canceled for the first time in history, replaced by a mass marking the first anniversary of the death of Grand Duke Jean. In 2021, the Octave Mass was celebrated in the Covid version, due to the sanitary measures in place.

(Photo: House of the Grand Duke/Kary Barthelmey)

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Prince Charles attends Octave Closing Celebrations for the first time

In 2022, Octave resumes its usual form. Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa attended the religious festivities led by Cardinal Jean-Claude Houlrich, in the presence of the hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stephanie, who were accompanied by their son Charles, for the first time.

(Photo: House of the Grand Duke/Kary Barthelmey)

Each year, the Grand-Ducal family participates in the traditional octave closing procession and papal mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg City. This is a religious tradition that is over 350 years old. two octave weeks (octavein Luxembourg) on ​​the third Sunday after Easter, and thus ends two weeks later.

(Photo: House of the Grand Duke/Kary Barthelmey)

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During these two weeks, the statue of Our Lady of Luxembourg perched on the throne of the cathedral was dressed in precious robes and adorned with jewels. During the octave close, at the end of the two weeks, it is customary to follow a procession. The statue emerges from the cathedral and is shown to all believers who follow a path through the city.

(Photo: House of the Grand Duke/Kary Barthelmey)

A papal mass is also celebrated in his honor in the cathedral. The statue of the Virgin has been venerated since 1624, and after 54 years the tradition of the procession was established. This important religious moment attracts many pilgrims from all over the world.

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