Mother’s Day 2022: Top 5 Special Low Budget Gift Ideas

good plan news Mother’s Day 2022: Top 5 Special Low Budget Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day 2022 is in less than a week now. Perhaps many forgot to write this day in their agenda, so perhaps the budget was neglected to find a gift for his mother. First of all, remember that your mother will be happy above all to spend this day with you, gift or not. And if it is important for you to give him a gift, we have prepared a small selection of gift ideas for small budgets!


  • Mother’s Day 2022: Honoring Mothers on Sunday, May 29th!
  • Our Top 5 Small Budget Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day 2022: Honoring Mothers on Sunday, May 29th!

We really hope the weather will be nicer for us compared to last week on Sunday, May 29th, because it’s Mother’s Day 2022. It would be a perfect opportunity to get out and spend some time with your mum to have a good time together. .

In our top 5 ideas you will find gift ideas at very low prices, and you can get them without difficulty for less than 50 euros.

Our Top 5 Small Budget Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

Before discovering our top 5 gift ideas at low price, keep in mind that what your mom wants above all else is spending time with you.

Additionally, you’ll see that in this selection, some products are made to be used in pairs, such as the It Takes Two co-op.

#1: Play it with your mom on PS4 or Xbox It Takes Two

Widely acclaimed by critics and rated 18/20 in the JV, It Takes Two is a collaborative action platform.

Your mom probably doesn’t like spending long hours alone in front of your screen, playing games all day. And your gifts may not mean much to him in general. Maybe she just wants to spend more time with you, and why not grant her a wish with It Takes Two!

In a family story, the two players embody the parents of a young girl on the verge of divorce. Both parents, their daughter requests a magic book to make them reconcile. They are transformed into little dolls and immerse themselves in the imagination of their daughter, for which they will have to pass exams. We play in split screen and we have to help each other to pass each level.

They are original, creative and playful, but also funny. You will have a great time enjoying this game for two, the game will only cost you 26€ on PS4 instead of 49€ on Cdiscount.

Buy It Takes Two for PS4 on Cdiscount for €26

Buy It Takes Two on Xbox at Fnac for 39€

#2: Give him a unique gift with a customizable smartphone case

Mother's Day 2022: Top 5 Special Low Budget Gift Ideas

A smartphone case is a little attention that will always delight the person you give it to, especially when it can be customized to make it unique.

And you have a choice. On Fnac you can find uniform cases with very cool designs, but you can also customize them with one of your photos.

Your gift will be unique and we are sure he will love it very much!

At Fnac, the price of the customizable cover starts at only 19 euros.

Watch custom smartphone cases offers on Fnac starting from 19 €

#3: Match your mom with technology with the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Mother's Day 2022: Top 5 Special Low Budget Gift Ideas

If your mom is addicted to streaming services Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ or even Spotify, this little switch will give her access to all her multimedia apps. It’s easier than ever to follow movies, series and live channels.

Setting up your remote to operate your TV is very easy thanks to HDMI CEC support.

The Amazon Fire TV interface has an extensive list of streaming apps that are easy to navigate. You can easily explore all services!

Your mom can also take it with her on weekends or on vacation thanks to the device’s ultra-compact format.

If using your TV is a big problem, with Fire TV Stick this is no longer an issue. Plus, you can spend more time with her, without fuss, in front of a good movie!

Buy Fire TV Stick on Amazon from €29

#4: JBL Speaker Will Make Your Mom Dance

Mother's Day 2022: Top 5 Special Low Budget Gift Ideas

With the arrival of summer, there is no need to pray for the sun and it has already begun to warm the air. It’s the best time to sunbathe, dance or even swim while enjoying a good soundscape more than ever.

With the JBL Connected Portable Speaker, your mom will be ready for summer at the beach or at camp!

The JBL GO 3 Pink Portable Speaker is a speaker that will accompany you everywhere. Compact, it easily fits in a bag and can even be submerged under water, as it is IPX67 certified.

The JBL Connected Portable Speaker is available at €39 at my house and is an excellent gift for Mother’s Day 2022.

Buy the JBL Connected Speaker for 39€ from Darty

#5: LEGO Bonsai is perfect for giving your mom a moment of serenity

Mother's Day 2022: Top 5 Special Low Budget Gift Ideas

The miniature tree is 18 cm high and can be placed in the space that comforts your mom the most, such as the coffee table in her living room, in the bed or even outside on the balcony. Calm guaranteed.

The set consists of a platform made of wooden planks that contains a large pot of bonsai “grow” from it.

The beautifully curved tree then offers two frames to choose from, with classic green foliage for simplicity and representation of its appearance during the year, and an all-floral version made with rose petals and buds.

With all these small parts, it is more suitable for adults and is also flagged as not recommended for youngsters.

The starting point is around €49, but it goes to €44 for Mother’s Day 2022 on Cdiscount.

Buy LEGO bonsai on Amazon for €44

When is Mother’s Day 2022?

Like every year, Mother’s Day in France is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. And this year is no exception to the rule! At this time, Mother’s Day will be on Sunday, May 29, 2022, so get ready to celebrate her day with her.

What is a gift for a gamer’s mom for Mother’s Day?

To make sure you reach the goal, try to find the gift that fits your mom’s interests. It could be something attached, a funny accessory, or even a Pokemon shirt… but honestly, we’re convinced that what can make your mom happier is spending more time with you. That’s why at JVtech, we chose the co-op game It Takes Two, which will let your mom play a video game with you.

What is the best gift for Mother’s Day?

If flowers have always been fun for Mother’s Day, why not take a little risk this year and dare to be original with a bouquet of flowers…in the bricks! Of course, we want to talk about the LEGO Flower Bouquet that should definitely have an impact on your mom.

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