OGC Nice: End of season is over, internal crisis

When evaluating the season, the staff will be able to count on this match in Reims which perfectly summed up what the gym did well and less well during the tournament. As on many occasions, the people of Nice played half the time, starting from the last day in disastrous fashion before finishing it in heroic fashion, carried by Andy Delaort, icon of this gym with Christophe Galtier sauce, never beaten.

Represented by the latter’s son – who may have created some tension within the group – and snatched from Montpellier at the end of the transfer window at the insistence of the Nice coach, the Bison of Sète completed his extraordinary season with a perfect hat-trick at Auguste-Delaune.

A goal from the right, a goal from the left and one from the header, of course: His tally of league goals took him to a career high of 18. At 31, he’s never been stronger and will discover the European Cup next season during this round of qualifying for the League Championship. European (18-25 August).

power struggle

Until March, Nice was on the podium in Ligue 1 and was dreaming of the Champions League, not to mention C4, which promises weird midweek trips and a headache for staff.

As of Saturday evening, Galtier insisted he wanted to have a large, competitive workforce as soon as possible to give himself every chance to make the leap. We remember that in 2013, the elimination against Apollon Limassol cut the momentum of Claude Boyles FC.

This time around, the club, which used to play in Europe, appears to be better equipped to handle this summer meeting, but behind the scenes, it hasn’t been shaken much since the Sino-American contributors stint in 2019.

The power struggle is intense between Galtier, who demands more resources and more mature players, and Julien Fournier, who suffered by the end of the match in Reims in apnea, will continue to believe that Nice’s workforce has nothing to do with it. They envy Strasbourg and Rennes and that Stings, to name a few, is not a bad player.

However, bought for €12 million, the former AZ player Alkmaar never knew how to adjust to Galtier’s 4-4-2, also valid for Dolberg and Claude-Maurice, two of the first commissioned recruits of the Ineos era.

point of no return

At the final whistle, the football director looked out of the corner of his eye at his coach, with whom the bond of trust was broken, to salute Nice Park, raising thumb and hand over heart. Friends time seems far away, and Galtier and Fournier won’t collaborate for another season.

Since the final loss to Nantes, the relationship between the two men, who did not look at each other for a second at the final whistle in the Reims park, has deteriorated.

Now it seems that he has reached the point of no return, even if you are into football, you will not be safe from anything. What does Galtier Fournier scold him about? Lots of things, some of which have been unheard of for “JF” in the gym since 2011 and the lead architect of building this club in recent years.

By taking Bilal the Brahimi, Fournier did not think he would so much anger Galtaire, who had never hidden his hesitation about this boy. “An alternative in Angers”. On Saturday night, despite the staff’s lack of confidence, he went in front of Stings or Gesand and put a cross over Delort’s header to advance 3-2. Not too bad, but didn’t you have to do anything during the winter transfer window or meet the coach’s expectations of not getting there after one season? No doubt.

hot and cold

For the Nice coach, whose contract runs until June 2024, it no longer makes sense to continue playing the match with Marseille, Monaco and Rennes with this kind of recruits and so little internal support.

He wants strong, experienced men (Andre, Klaus, Ferry…) and above all, competitors like Delort, whom he regularly cites as an example. He also expects a leader who is closer to him, more open, and less cold than Fournier, who has never taken the tweezers to share some of the blame with Gallier, especially over the proposed game, and has also done nothing to build a relationship of trust with the player. His coach’s entourage.

After the defeat in Marseille, Fournier pointed the finger in particular at the team’s reluctance and lack of offensive momentum for the team, thus criticizing his coach’s choices in terms of substance. Ramadan was also the subject of friction in the heart of Rabie that would have seen the gym lose everything, or almost.

Ineos will have to decide

Taking over the former coach of Saint-Etienne and Lille, the leaders of Nice turned their backs on a certain ideology of play, which they faced in full during the cup final against Nantes, and which they so deservedly hated, like Jim Ratcliffe.

This failure is the failure of a team, of the decision-makers and, therefore, of the players, but also the failure of Galtier, who, too late, regretted some of his choices, like he made again – it’s too much time! Confidence in Kasper Dolberg in attack. Since then, the Danish striker has not played a minute in the Nice shirt and his future is far from the Cote d’Azur, like many players in the team.

Between Nantes and the last day, in Reims, the Nice coach occupied the media when Fournier stayed behind, terribly frustrated, even confused, by proceeding with the order he had gone to look for Lille and which he had offered him. XXL salary.

A year on, and while Nice has just finished a very honorable season, it seems, for the time being, unbelievable to see them team up again. It is now up to Enos to make the decision, a pivotal moment in the club’s history that Fournier must leave with a sense of accomplishment. “He’s not smiling, of course, but the club owes him so much, he blew up one of his assistants. It would be a huge loss for OGC Nice, a choice that Ineos may regret in a few years’ time.

With one point drawn after the events against Marseille, the finish would have been even more impressive for Fournier. Galtier, whose balance sheet is more than acceptable, knows this better than anyone else. “This point, I’ve been taking it for nine months”He said Saturday evening in Reims.

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