The victory of courage, heart and head

Winners of the Celtics title in Game Three tonight, the Heat remarkably made a very strong start to the game to take their 109-103 success. But as the game progressed, so did the adversity, and so did the pressure on Boston (and the referees). But Eric Spoelstra’s men didn’t crack!

When Marcus Smart walked out of the locker room to a standing ovation after injuring his ankle and then put a three-pointer in the corner, we thought the game was about to turn in Boston’s favour. Led by 26 pawns during the first period, the Celts found themselves only ten units away with all the momentum in the world in their favour, moreover in TD’s boiling hot garden. It would have made sense for so many teams to sink from this exact moment, especially without their best player. But not Miami. While Jimmy Butler was absent for the entire second period, the Heat fought off the green wave for the first time. From Victor Oladipo to Pam Adebayo via Kyle Lowry, BJ Tucker or even Tyler Hero (who had a rough evening but scored four of eight at the end of the third quarter), Eric Spoelstra’s squad has been left weathering the storm. Regain control of operations. The Heat returned to the field in the second period with a 15-point advantage, and finished the third quarter with a 15-point advantage, despite the many setbacks that occurred during those crazy 12 minutes.

The second big wave came from Boston in the fourth quarter. Carried out in particular by Jaylen Brown and the return of Jason Tatum who gave his best Paul Pierce tradition (walking out on injury and then miraculously coming back a few minutes later…), the Celtics were able to make their way back to a tiny point from Miami with less than three minutes to play. Once again, we told ourselves the smell wasn’t very good for the residents of Sud Plage, as Boston wasn’t too close to taking the lead in this Game 3. But then again, Bam Adebayo and his friends resisted. With the heart obviously, but not only. Thanks to execution too, as well as talent and this ability to deliver big performances at the right time. At just +1 on the scoreboard, Miami placed the killer shot in the service from Lowry to Max Strus (16 points), author of the critical award-winning shot from screen after screen from Adebayo. And then it was the latter who broke the hearts of Celtics fans with dagger He topped Alhorford at the end of 24 seconds, giving Floridaan the lead by six points. Boston was never able to recover, then the Heat closed the store by being skilled at the free-throw line and thanks to a massive interception by Kyle Lowry (one…19 of Miami), an interception that perfectly symbolized the match.

This victory is a 100% Basketball Heat victory. This is a victory for a group that did not crack when everything was in place to fall apart. To quickly sum it up for you: Jimmy Butler out in the second half, Tyler Hero hard and dwindling, hostile environment, Celtics in revolt, Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker who weren’t sure they were playing, all with plus referees who clearly wanted to witness A tight end to the game considering the whistles were either fired (30 free throws for Boston, only 14 for Miami, including nine in the last minute when the referees C had a foul) or were forgotten. This meeting. Whatever it was in the end, Miami managed to beat it all up brilliantly, once again proving the mental toughness of this team. Fully prepared for the big matches in the qualifiers. This is what veterans like Lowry (11 points, 6 assists, 4 steals) and Tucker (17 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals), can use for two players with hero DNA and their effect is leaked Although not being 100% today. That’s why Pat Riley wanted to give Victor Oladipo a chance, overvalued by his defense after Jimmy Butler’s exit. This is why Pam Adebayo earns $30 million a year, which is what has gone up significantly after a complicated start to the series. That’s why the Miami Heat is the Miami Heat, a franchise now just two wins away from qualifying for the NBA Finals in the past three seasons. #HeatCulture

Unrecognizable during Game Two at home two days ago, the Heat reclaimed all their colors on Saturday. The president’s reaction despite the really unfavorable circumstances that accompanied this meeting. Some teams just know how to win, and Miami is one of them.

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