Tim Connelly Becomes Head Of Basketball Operations For Wolves!

It’s the big evening break. While rumors have recently been circulating about the possibility of seeing Nuggets boss Tim Connelly take the reins of the Timberwolves, the information was announced on Monday. The Minnesota series is retaining its new strongman, and this is a big hit for the wolves!

So it was more than just a rumour. According to Adrian Wojnarowski fromESPN, Tim Connelly will leave his cocoon in Denver to become the new head of basketball operations for the Wolves, a franchise that plays in the same division as the Nuggets. Just look at the contract numbers to know we’re not talking about anyone here: $40 million over five yearsThis is the deal that allowed Wolves to reclaim one of the most respected managers in the NBA. according to details the athleteWe’re getting twice the Nuggets’ salary for Connelly, who is now one of the highest-paid captains in the league. Of course, under pressure to leave, the Denver franchise offered a pretty big raise in an effort to keep the architect. We shouldn’t forget that it’s one of the big reasons for the rise of the Nuggets version of Nikola Jokic in recent seasons. But what probably made the difference in Tim’s decision-making process in the end was that Shown by The Wolves in addition to these very big deals in the Minnesota franchise. As Woj points out, very few managers in the NBA have this type of clause in their contract, and it shows just how far Wolves have gone to make Connelly the successor to Gerson Rosas (and interim Sachin Gupta).

We’ve said it and we’ll say it again, it’s a pretty big blow from the wolves. If you are wondering why Connelly is a reference among the NBA leaders, we invite you to re-read this paper written a few days ago about his influence on the construction of the current Nuggets. When it comes to building a competitive team, making the right choices in the draft, and crafting the deals needed to allow the franchise to move into a new dimension, Tim Connelly knows how to do it. Today, he’s reached a franchise that’s become competitive again this year as evidenced by this first qualifying playoff since 2018 (46 wins in the regular season, seventh in the West). There is already a solid base, including superstar Karl-Anthony Towns, big block Anthony Edwards, a strong coach like Chris Finch and some interesting players. So, a solid core already foreshadowed a good rise for wolves in the hierarchy of the West, a rise almost expected now with Connelly being in charge. It would obviously be interesting to see what moves Tim would make in his new outfit to allow the current project to shine as bright as possible (many files need to be managed, especially D’Angelo Russell’s), but we imagine he’ll take his marks first and then gradually make the tweaks he sees necessary. All to say we shouldn’t expect to see the Wolves play the title next year just because they just reclaimed a top NBA captain, but the future looks rather bright on the Minneapolis side.

Beautiful foundations were laid this season after years of difficulty, and now he’s one of the best architects in the NBA who will take over the wolves. Joint franchisees Mark Lower and Alex Rodriguez – who will soon take over from majority owner Glen Taylor – wanted a big name to grow the team and make it more legitimate, and they got it by investing money in it. Great day for wolves lovers!

Text source: ESPN / The Athletic

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