Dark Souls has made every other video game cute

For any player, FromSoftware’s adventure or epic souls It is real physical and mental learning. After whole months on antiques that are demon soulsAnd Dark Souls 1, 2, 3And Bloodborne and SekiroI’m back, waiting for the new baby elden ringto other video games. But, whatever the game, I no longer enjoy it.

So, I realized the obvious: I just joined the prestigious but very only community of gamers who swear by FromSoftware. The rest was just bitterness and nostalgia.

no pain no gain

However, when my adventure in souls It starts, I don’t know what to expect. Like everyone else, I cried blood in the endless maze of Sen Castle, lost my soul in endless trying hasty Shadowwood, I heard my cry of despair after being eaten by a booby-trapped chest, and I swore to my death why and how the unknown king could kill me so easily and then dodged in time.

But I didn’t give up. After this storm of frustration, the veins on my forehead burst and my sweat controller sank, I was able to overcome all of these obstacles. So it opens up a new world for me. A world of clarity, comfort, pride and happiness.

The joy of finally finishing the boss. The trance of finding a campfire. Wanting to go and crush mobs with a newly developed +15 weapon. Surprising to meet a community that is as supportive as it is caring and a bit of a troll anyway, because I thank you for the messages on earth telling me to jump into the void when there’s nothing there.

This is what souls : A horizon of sheer satisfaction after a dark night as she gets spanked after spanking.

Too permissive games

waiting elden ring, I chose to try other experiments. The conclusion was quickly reached: no matter what the look, I find no excitement. Whether it’s a simulation, MMO, RPG or FPS game, every type of game now looks nice and without real challenge.

I discovered, after many years of playing it, that the most popular games give us solutions on a silver platter. Want to know where your target is? Open your map. Do you want to remember the content of this secondary research? Open your diary. Want to hit the boss’s weak point? Here, here is a slow motion animation with a good five seconds to press the right key.

unlike souls Nobody asks me to constantly ask myself, monitor the environment before launch, mentally visualize the map to get out of a dungeon, stay calm in tense situations, stay close nod pattern enemies.

So yeah, sure, if you throw F1 2021 With no driving aids left, I’d struggle and eat walls. But this difficulty is adjustable, I have the choice to modify it or not. The souls Don’t give us that option. There is no easy way. You work hard to succeed or you leave, and for my part, it has become necessary to enjoy an experience.

Are we looking for fun without fuss (even if we lose in FIFA against your crushed friend remains too frustrating) or the real imposed challenge, the challenge that transcends body and mind? For this reason, souls Very divisive and it is not uncommon to hear that it is impossible to finish these games. The pursuit of sensation is not the same.

The soulsLike, or how to promote the genre

Nothing is Manui. It is possible that you like some types of video games, and studios understand that. Today, many titles take characteristics souls.

I found some solace insoulslike ‘like Nioh, surgery where infidelity. They provide constant requirement, remote save points, and system re Mobs and bosses are punished as neatly as they are. Anyway, it smells like fresh toast for breakfast.

elden ring This choice was made directly to generalize its type. The open world or the ability to summon friends for help are some of the aspects that may help new players to give in to the full experience of souls.

I will be addicted to souls But when I see the studios go one step further, I tell myself that my condition is not lost, and perhaps one day I will be able to appreciate animal crossing – With a boss like Malinia anyway, don’t mess around. Anyway, says Diam, the important thing is to enjoy positive feedback With the one you love.

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