Junohu Cup: Sun Cloud wins undisputed

It is said that the finals without much suspense leave few imprints in history. However, how do not qualify for the fifth national title won it Saint Cloud History 60 years after the last? Admittedly, the gap looked huge, this Sunday in royal bridgebetween Saint-Cloud and Biarritz. But the water bottles emptied on the skulls, the liberated leaps into the pool of 18, the laughs, the songs, and the sip testified to one thing: the wait was long. Really too long.

Right advantage of the quartet

During the morning quatrain, Saint Cloud She appeared with the exact same pairs as the previous two days. A different option than the Biarrots lined up Joseph Linell And Alaric Mercy de Soultre In the leading quartet, instead of Nathan Tree And Hugo Riboud. But since the start of the match, the Basques have found themselves in difficulty: bogey in 1, with a hole loss, a ball in the penalty area on the right in front of the four, with the same score, and a ball in the bunker to the left of the green at 5 to pass 3 down in the face of Maxence Mougnier And Julian Cel. The latter, with a very gentle blow, first encountered the Pierrot in 6.

Things got really complicated from the ninth day of Biarritz, with a showdown out of bounds Alaric Mercy de Soultre. Four holes behind, the Basques will not be able to catch up. Another Saint-Cloud birdie at the age of 14 allowed them to win, 5 and 4.

Julian Salle brought the crucial point to Saint-Cloud, during the singles. (Alexis Orloff/Fogulf)

In the second match, PAUL PEDELIVERY And Martin Peregot He seemed to be a bit under the pressure of the action at the start of the match. To the extent that Faustin Labadie Destinies And Rudolf Cicala Soon he took command of two holes. But there again, he hit a six-year-old, very similar to champion Julien Salle and brought back by Martin Pergot, reversing the dynamic. Since the end of the first leg, the match is back in a square shape again. At the age of 12, he skipped 1 at Saint-Cloud for the first time. Finally, on the 17th, the Biarrots finished with three strokes, the morning session with a score of 2-0.

dirty cleaning

Saint-Cloud only needed two points to become the French champion, and a first point was decided very quickly. In the leading game, Philip Schmuhl He conceded a ghost in the first, before losing a ball in the confrontation in the fourth, then losing the seventh ball in a very powerful shot to a bird that returned before Maxence Mougnier. On the next hole, the Basques finished out of bounds on the left, giving a near-final indication that the advantage would be Saint Cloud in this match. Without a major foul, Maxence Mougnier won, 6th and 5th.

Back at the wall, Biarritz was counting on her Hugo Riboudopposite a Julian Cel With the same precision and stiffness as in the morning. But here again, Saint-Cloud got off to a good start to the game, before gradually gaining the upper hand: Pit won at 7 (1 up), Bird from Sale at 8 (2 up), Ghost from Riboud at 11 (3 up), Ball In the water at 13 (4 up), and to close the deal, another birdie at 14. Admittedly, the final ended in the middle of the afternoon. But after 60 years of absence, not many of the 150 or so people gathered at Saint-Cloud to watch the final and felt it was a bit early.

Winners’ words

” It is a nice, Julian Salle interacts. I am really very happy with the team and the club, thanks to all the club fans who have come over the past two days. I didn’t have a lot of stress this morning, I handled the European Championship, I did my job. With Maxins we played very well and made very few mistakes. We knew it wasn’t done, that Biarritz had a good squad, that we had to stay focused in the afternoon. We had the idea of ​​winning all the games, and never giving up. »

“We have been struggling hard for 5 or 6 years, The captain confirms Thomas Sirot. It was progressive. This year we arrived with a fairly experienced and competitive team. At lunchtime, we made the guys understand that we’re a long way from winning, we’ve already tested that. We had to keep hitting our kicks without restraint. We played without strategy, put our best players in the first matches. It’s good to have a lot of support. This is a tournament very close to our hearts. »


Saint-Cloud’s players showed that they know how to celebrate victory with dignity. (Alexis Orloff/Fgulf)

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