King Juan Carlos attends his grandson’s handball match with Pedro de Bourbon-Ceciles

Juan Carlos’ move was secret but not entirely surprising. The press had already spotted this coincidental timing. While the former king was attending a regatta in Galicia this weekend, 20 km away, his grandson, Pablo Urdangarin, was playing a handball match, heading to Pontevedra. King Juan Carlos arrived at the edge of the handball court, surrounded especially by Prince Pedro de Bourbon de Duques-Sicily, Duke of Calabria, to attend the meeting and encourage his grandson.

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Juan Carlos 1e attends the Barcelona match to watch his grandson play

King Juan Carlos returned to Spain this weekend, using a few days in Galicia to acclimatize, before joining Madrid on Monday. After that, the former king will leave Spain and return to Abu Dhabi, where he has resided since August 2020 and where he intends to continue living for the majority of the year.

King Juan Carlos arrived in the late afternoon of Thursday, May 19, in Sansenso, a seaside town in Galicia, where the sea club is run by his friend Pedro Campos that hosts him during his stay. Here, too, the regatta was organized, which Juan Carlos wanted to attend and even take part in. This Saturday, May 21, Juan Carlos Sansenso, still accompanied by Pedro Campos, left to reach Pontevedra, about twenty kilometers away.

King Juan Carlos, Duke of Calabria and Pedro Campos on the edge of the field to support Pablo Urdangarin during a handball match on Saturday (Photo: Gtres/Abacapress)

The Spanish press had spotted the coincidence timing and speculated that the honorary king was going to Pontevedra, seeing that Barcelona’s handball team would play Saturday’s game in Galicia. Pablo Urdangarin, son of Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin, has been playing for FC Barcelona since the start of the season.

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A warm meeting between Juan Carlos and Pablo Urdangarin

Honorary King Juan Carlos arrived at the edge of the handball court surrounded by Pedro Campos as well as Prince Pedro de Bourbon of the Two Sicilies. The prince, nicknamed the Duke of Calabria, is a cousin of the royal family and is a claimant to the throne of the Two Sicilies. The descendants of the Kings of the Two Sicilies, are themselves descendants of King Philip V of Spain, the first Bourbons to rule Spain. Prince Pedro is Dean and President of the Royal Council of Military Orders of Spain.

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During the meeting, during a dead time, young Pablo, 21, 8 in line of succession to the Spanish throne, approached the edge of the field to hug his grandfather. King Juan Carlos took his grandson in his arms and exchanged a few words under the kind eyes of Prince Pedro de Bourbon-Ceciles.

Juan Carlos and Pablo Urdangarin last met each other in Abu Dhabi last April, when the young man traveled to the United Arab Emirates with his mother, Infanta Cristina, Infanta Elena (58), Victoria Federica (21), Juan Valentin (22) Miguel (19 years old) and Irene (16 years old).

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