Pro B: Vichy-Clermont eliminates Saint-Quentin to reach the semi-finals

After capsizing in San Quentin, JAV confirmed on Monday evening, at Pierre Colonne, a second straight win over SQBB (77-65) that it was unable to beat it in its two regular season meetings.

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With such a clear and flawless success, won by character, Vichy Clermont eliminated what was certainly the best team in the second part of the tournament. And Auvergne’s formation gave half of it without its offensive captain and top scorer (averaging 15 points per breath), Domenez Burnett, who spared on Monday night due to a sore heel. So, without Burnett, but with Thomas Vail, a very young father, finally good for service and, above all, with Samir Jabitcom. The Cameroon international wore his light uniform to lead his team towards qualification. 34 points, 8 of 13 three-pointers, 5 rebounds: Base picked the right moment to break his career rating record (34).

“Tonight (Monday), I think I can do anything, it was good!”

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And the interested party that heard the extensions down from “MVPs! best player! “,” To continue: “This is the first time this has happened to me. The 24-year-old laughed.

excellent Pro B (Qualifiers): Vichy Clermont hits the ground running with victory as manager at Saint Quentin

Of course, JAV’s victory did not result from individuality. From the start of the match, the team collectively positioned itself at the required intensity, facing an opponent who was “moved” by coach Julian Mahe, for not showing enough aggressiveness during the first round.

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But if he’s been more consistent right from the start, SQBB also showed tension by missing several easy baskets and losing 6 balls in the first 10 minutes. Well in their game, Auvergne took the opportunity to race for the lead and even lead by 10 points after the first quarter (18-8).

And with the same gap it joined the dressing room (35-25), having squandered all that lead in the middle of the second quarter thanks to the influence of Naftali Divuidi in particular.

JAV was solid in the hell of a Pierre Ratt gymnasium. It was more than that on Monday, defensively.

“We took turns trying to cut off the fluidity of their offensive game, to cut their relays and they are inside players. We played at a defensive level higher than San Quentin.”

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Defense was once again the springboard for his offensive game. But it also allowed JAV not to see Saint-Quentinois fall back on their heels in the second half, when they themselves were less accurate or less skilled in attack.

Even the all-terrain pressure and SQBB’s newfound title in the last quarter, when they had nothing to lose with 19 points behind 6 minutes from the end (69-50), failed to oust these confidence-infused Overnights, following their inside players’ dominance ( Cedric Bah and Serge Mortala (both 10 points).

The audience could sing “We’re halfway! We’re halfway!” That’s not the case for the club’s future opponent, Shalon or Blois, because ADA snatched pretty, Monday night, on Elan’s floor. Another good news for Charles Bronchard’s colleagues, who will have 6 days to prepare. luxury!

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Certificate of Authenticity

Vichy (Pierre Colonne gym). Vichy Clermont defeated Saint Quentin 77-65. Quarter scores: 18-8, 17-17, 22-21, 20-19. mm rulers. Hosselet and Soares and Mrs. Ortis. 1889 spectators.

Vichy Claremont. 25 basket on 60 rounds including 9 on 29 on three points; 11 free throws out of 24; 41 rebound (bah, 10); 17 assists (City, 4); 16 stray rounds.

points. Fisher (2), BAH (10), Gbitcom (34), Murtala (10), Juicy (5), then Vail (2), Delaunay (3), Bronchard (9), Djmerabai (2).

Saint Quentin. 23 basket on 61 rounds including 5-for-22 from three points; 14 of 21 free throws; 36 rebound (Godox, 8); 16 assists (4 players vs. 3); 17 stray bullets. One player released for 5 fouls: Williams (37th position).

points. Anthony (9), Divuidi (17), Pfister (4), Gillette (6), Williams (9), Bocaud (-), Zamora (8), Godox (8), Hippolyte (4), Huensuu (-) .

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