Stock console at Leclerc! Live restock

Good news for gamers looking to buy a PS5: the console is available in an interesting bundle on the Leclerc website. We are stock valuation.

[Mis à jour le 24 mai 2022 à 12h00] Good morning news! Leclerc has published a bundle that includes Playstation 5, Gran Turismo 7, an additional controller, and a wireless headset. A second bundle is also available with the PS5, the game Horizon Forbidden West, an additional controller, and a wireless headset. This is a web exclusive bundle, so this bundle is not available in stores. Also note that in-store checkout is free for this online purchase if you wish. A chance for fans to finally get their hands on a Sony console, which has been systematically sold out online. Don’t wait until you make the purchase if you are looking for it, because many players are looking for it now! Note that, several times this morning, the page returned a 404 “This page does not exist” error but ended up rendering by refreshing the page. Persevere and you may be rewarded with a PS5!

Between acquiring a rare stock console to resell at low prices, and many buyers also wanting a PS5, it’s getting quite sporty to try and buy a Sony home console in 2022. Anyway, you’ll have to be quick to get one. From rare remasters of Playstation 5, stay tuned for the console’s smallest looks. To help you out, we’ve put together all the tools to aid you in your quest for the Holy Grail. Between our live replays (which will be updated regularly), the best used gaming hardware deals, and our article with our buying tips, you’re ready to face the last week of May with complete peace of mind.

Inventory control for Tuesday, May 24th live

  • 07:00 : PS5 is available for sale used and new in Rakuten At full price (see below), we’ll have to wait for other restocks.
  • 11:26 am: The PS5 is available in bundles on .’s website Leclerc. This is a bundle of PS5 + Gran Turismo 7 + Dualsense Controller + Wireless Headset for €722.54 Available here. 2nd Bundle with PS5 + Horizon Forbidden West + Dualsense Controller + Wireless Headset: €722.54 Available here.

How to buy PS5 in 2022?

After a month rich in stock for the Sony console, restocking is slowing, except for a few copies that Auchan put up for sale on Monday. But the situation is a good omen for potential buyers of Playstation 5, who are seeing an increase in console “drops”. If you want to effectively prepare for your next restocking (which will likely happen on Tuesday morning), you can always refer to the various tips, techniques, and buying tips in our article below:

It is also possible to regularly find PS5 stock at Rakuten. However, the console is sold there at a high price. We only recommend this option if you can’t really get the PS5 at its base price (when available).

No PS5 until 2024?

May begins with bad news that can be found in an article on CNBC. In a recent interview with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the paper asked the agonizing question, demanding an estimate of the semiconductor shortage hurting the computer, home console, and car markets. The answer is not very reassuring:We believe that the global shortage of semiconductors will extend into 2024, despite our previous estimates (2023), as shortages have now hit equipment and some production lines will be under severe stress.Bad news for the console and graphics card market.

Shopping Tips

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