Volkswagen: ’20 Years’ Golf R to celebrate 20 years of Golf R

En 2002, Volkswagen met sur le marché sa première Golf R. Il s’agit de la Golf R32 à moteur V6 3.2 L. A l’époque ce moteur développe 241 ch et la R32 est alors la Golf de production la plus puissante de tous tenses. The car fits perfectly and takes the place of the old Golf VR6 in the hearts of fans of the compact car in the sports version.
The Golf R32 was well born, good looking and well equipped with engines. There was an unexpected success, and the Wolfsburg plant ended up selling three times as many R32s initially planned in the product plan.
The R32 will also launch the enduring success story (20 years) of the Volkswagen badged R since to date, more than 260,000 R models have been sold worldwide.

In the memory of the Golf R32

“20 years” R, more power for the Golf R.

The new Volkswagen Golf R “20 Years” captures the mechanical and technical base of the R “Classic”. Thus we find the L4 2.0 L TSI EA888 petrol engine in a powerful version with 333 hp, or 13 hp more than the Golf R.
Hence, the R “20 Years” can reach a maximum speed of 270 km/h and go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4.7 seconds. In pure performance, Vmax increases by 20 km/h and when practicing stopping at 100 km/h, the Sport Accord should gain about a tenth of a second on the R model. This new version is in fact the most efficient Golf since the model’s birth in 1974.
The 2.0-liter turbo engine is still mated to a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox and 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The gearbox is controlled by a classic system of paddles on the steering wheel.
Volkswagen has announced that this version is more dynamic and exciting than the R, with a particularly ‘passionate’ starting system cranking the engine up to 2500 rpm for a ‘more sporty sound’ but also to benefit from the improved R driving experience! To be checked on the road or track…
For sports-driving enthusiasts, note that in S mode or S+ mode, the DSG7 gearbox has seen its shift laws tweaked to give more sensorial feedback when changing gear. This version obviously has large 357mm ventilated brake discs up front.
Adaptive chassis (DCC) connected to the transmission, XDS differential lock and progressive steering are also part of it as are the 320 hp version.
Additionally, the turbocharger has been reconfigured to run at a constant speed, particularly under “partial” acceleration, which according to VW should allow for faster acceleration when kicking down or downshifting.

Well presented and well stocked

If it uses the Golf R style in general, these “20 Years” add some specific finishing details, fixtures and equipment
Thus, in the equipment package we find the R-Performance package, i.e. “special” (for circuit) driving modes, drift (to make the car slide without succumbing to reminders or “castration” of certain ADAS devices the ESC switches to Sport mode and accepts the drift of the rear axle) and torque distribution according to for approved driving.
In total, “R 20Years” offers six driving modes including one An individual and one distinct Intended for those who want to go on the courses of the Nürburgring.
In the latter case, the adaptive chassis is less rigid so that it fits into a ridge-type circuit and the engine can take, if necessary, more rpm.
Aesthetically, the Gold R “20 Years” benefits from a larger tailgate spoiler, 19-inch alloy wheels (Estoril model) painted blue, as well as brake calipers. There is a “20 R” logo on the B-pillar and at night, a door light with the “20 R” logo falls on the floor.

On board, we find the equipment and ambience of the Golf R with sport seats covered in black Nappa leather with the R logo embroidered with blue thread on the top of the backrest. We find the sports steering wheel with a flat surface covered in black leather and note the standard presence of decorative inserts in real carbon fiber on the dashboard and above the door panels.

On the market in a few months

Volkswagen does not announce any selling price at the moment, but some conjure a price of close to 60,000 euros (excluding the green money). The car will be marketed in Europe and possibly North America.
The Golf R “20 Years” will hit the market in the second half of this year and will remain in the Volkswagen catalog until about mid-2023. The German manufacturer has not specified whether this sporty version of the Golf will be made traditionally or as part of a special or limited series.

Through Volkswagen.

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