PS5: Store games and accessories through this hot process signed Cdiscount

When we see the current price of next-generation consoles and games, we still pay attention to what to buy since the bill can quickly get steep. You have to stay on the lookout for promotions to find good games and accessories. But specifically, Cdiscount is currently offering a process with Sony, and you’re bound to find something to your liking.

Cdiscount process for storing games

Although the PS5 still faces frequent stock shortages (thanks to a lack of components), a few lucky ones have still managed to get their hands on Sony’s popular console. If you were one of those, you’d say thank you to Cdiscount.

From Wednesday, May 25 to Wednesday, June 8, Cdiscount has launched an operation with Sony and is offering several games and accessories for PS5, but also PS4, when promoting.

Find SONY process products on Cdiscount

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to stock up on toys, now is the time.

To easily understand the reason for this process, here are the different products you can find on sale.

  • PS4 games
  • PS5 games
  • PS5 Game Bundles and DualSenses Controllers
  • Playstation VR Starter Packs
  • Wireless Microphone Headphones

As you understand, it is a rather large operation, which will allow you to get your hands on games that you have not yet been able to play, and maybe even provide yourself with an additional console to play with friends. The other half.

Other than that, you’ll also find great Playstation VR starter packs compatible with PS4 but also PS5, you’ll need to take a separately sold adapter for this latter case.

Sony and its famous consoles come into the spotlight through Operation Cdiscount

Whether it is games, consoles, music or even movies, the Japanese company Sony is very present in these markets. The only reason for this is that the brand knows how to do it in these different areas.

The PS5 console, like its little sister before, has managed to achieve international success with excellent sales, despite some inventory and production difficulties.

The DualSense controller delivers amazing fusion in games that can harness their full potential. Anyway, it almost takes PS4 design and many gamers have a strong preference for this particularly basic and convenient accessory.

So Cdiscount proposes to put the famous Japanese brand in the spotlight with this canon operation, which mainly targets the gaming-related products of the brand, including consoles and PS5 and PS4 games.

PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle and DualSense White Controller

Find Aloy in this new adventure in Forbidden West. You will have to fight against the still majestic and dangerous machines in the futuristic America.

The Earth is dying and it’s up to Aloy to explore these new remote lands to understand what threatens humanity. During her adventure, she will meet a new honor with whom it will be possible to form alliances and will also be able to use a new set of destructive equipment and weapons.

Also take the opportunity to get a new DualSense White Controller, in this bundle at a great price.

Buy the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle and DualSense controller for €119 at Cdiscount

PS5 Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Bundle and DualSense White Console

PS5: Store games and accessories through this hot process signed Cdiscount

Always keen to offer new types of video game experiences, Hideo Kojima returns with Death Stranding, an adventure that will lead you to help Sam Bridges in a chaotic future, where the dead and the living coexist as best they can with spectral creatures.

In this redesigned part of Playstation 5, you will be able to discover new challenges, improved combat systems, and a large number of new content available.

Try to reconnect with the survivors of America torn apart by a mysterious event called “Death Standing” and try to learn more about them.

Also take the opportunity to get a new DualSense White Controller, in this bundle at a great price.

Buy the PS5 Death Stranding Bundle: Outlet Parts and DualSense Controller for €94 at Cdiscount

PS5 Gran Turismo 7 Pack and DualSense Cosmic Red Controller

PS5: Store games and accessories through this hot process signed Cdiscount

With 22 years of experience already, the Gran Turismo License brings the best of its history into a very complete car game, where you can drive, collect and customize an incredible number of cars.

Gran Turismo 7 is specifically aimed at fans of cars, competitions as well as collecting. Legendary circuits return to the series alongside the iconic GT mode.

Immerse yourself in a particularly immersive car experience that provides you with many tools to improve or take advantage of the large car catalog.

Also take the opportunity to get a new DualSense Cosmic Red Controller, in this bundle at a great price.

Buy PS5 Gran Turismo 7 and DualSense Controller Bundle at Cdiscount for €119 at Cdiscount

Playstation VR MK5 Bundle

PS5: Store games and accessories through this hot process signed Cdiscount

If you’ve never touched virtual reality and own a PS4 or PS5, you’ll finally be able to give it a try, thanks to this bundle that includes everything you need to tackle virtual reality.

A VR headset, a Playstation camera and even the first virtual reality game, VR Worlds, it’s all there to enjoy this new immersive experience without leaving your living room.

This bundle includes the Naboo Adapter that allows you to use this VR headset with your Playstation 5. You will finally be able to go to the heart of the action and enjoy every detail of these extraordinary worlds.

Buy the Playstation VR MK5 bundle from Cdiscount for €199

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for PS4 and PS5

PS5: Store games and accessories through this hot process signed Cdiscount

To get the most out of all your PS4 and PS5 games, nothing is better than SONY Pulse 3D headphones. This device is designed to provide spatial and immersive sound for all your gaming adventures. So it will be perfect for your gaming sessions.

Equipped with two microphones, it can reduce background noise, and headphone controls allow you to easily adjust the volume in the game or for your voice chats.

Also works with the Playstation VR headset via its included 3.5mm jack cable, or use the wireless adapter on compatible consoles or computers.

Buy the Pulse 3D Wireless Headphone for €89 from Cdiscount

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4, €9 at Cdiscount

PS5: Store games and accessories through this hot process signed Cdiscount

Cdiscount and Sony don’t forget PS4 players who still want to enjoy their consoles until the end, while they wait to find the PS5 in stock.

Find Nathan Drake in this collection of games where you will follow legends around the world like Atlantis, El Dorado and many others, trying to survive as much as possible against the forces that want to prevent you from achieving your goal.

Therefore, this group includes games Unknown: Fortune’s Fortune Remastered by DrakeAnd Uncharted 2: Among Thieves RemasteredAnd Uncharted 3: Drake’s illusion redesign.

You can believe us, you will have your work cut out to finish this excellent set.

Buy Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection at €9 from Cdiscount

Find SONY process products on Cdiscount

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