Risk alert, this parcel scam is causing chaos and emptying your bank account, beware

A very elaborate scam

It is important not to underestimate the ingenuity of engineers. The latter knows very well how to manipulate consumers into a trap. The parcel scam we are talking about today concerns the DHL carrier. You may know her. How is the scam organized? It’s simple: criminals simply pretend to be the carrier.

The scam, like most of them, begins with an email. Customers are notified that there is a problem with the order. They are welcome to click on the link. Then he opens a website and copies the DHL website in the same way. In fact, the scam is well done. Instantly, the chatbot chats with the consumer. This is not surprising, there are many sites to use it.

When the trust is established, Sculpin requests more personal information. Finally, he ended up asking for the bank details. Final details of delivery are supposed to be settled. At this point, the scammers have what they want. They have access to your accounts and can therefore empty them. If you realize that you have been scammed, you should quickly notify your bank and file a complaint in the hope of compensation. But you can save these steps by not blindly trusting the emails you receive that look completely official.

What do you do not to be deceived?

First, never give out your personal banking information on a site received by email. If you receive an email that appears relevant to you indicating a problem with your package, go directly to the carrier’s website without clicking the link. If nothing is indicated on the site, then this is a scam that you hardly avoided.

Don’t assume everything you receive via email is true. Especially since another scam is spreading. That’s the wrong thing. You quietly read your emails when you realize you are being thanked for something you don’t remember. You click and discover that the application in question is very expensive. Therefore, it makes sense that you want to cancel it as soon as possible, and you should indicate your bank details. This is another scam that is easy to avoid. Indeed, if you place an order, it will appear in your bank account. If there is no expected move and if you are not already debited, do not panic.

More and more tricks

It is unfortunate, but today it is really difficult to trust your messages online. Fortunately, many scam emails end up directly in spam emails. But sometimes some manage to make their way into your main mailbox.

If you are sure that you are encountering a fraudulent site, we invite you to report it. The coffee shop, for example, is often used for these scams. She has known about this since she posted this message on her site: We invite you to participate in the fight against computer piracy by reporting the fraudulent website address on the following page: https://phishing-initiative.fr/“.

Above all, it is important to warn your loved ones, who are the most vulnerable. The easy targets are the elderly who are less familiar with the internet and the many scams that exist. Remember to keep them informed of these new scams that are very well done. They can easily fall into the trap and no one wants to see their accounts emptied by evil strangers.

So learn the lesson well. If you order a package, be wary of the emails you receive and only trust the carrier site you go to by your own means, without going through the URL provided in an email. Because scammers are powerful and they can perfectly copy official websites to convince you that they are real.

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