Yuan Macondo deserves to go to the NBA

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No Millery. This cult French tournament cult, aka “warehouse” Because of its rustic feel, basketball exudes fun. The aroma of beer highlights the festive character of the matches. In the air, alcohol, heat, and passion form a strange mixture. An atmosphere we might regret in a few years’ time, when investment fund justice dominated the French championship. This is not the topic. In the sky of Meilleraie, between the jerseys of Rudy Gobert and Nando De Colo, Yoan Makoundou stands with the stars. Accompanying her trombone ride is the buzz of Bigrolaise. He is one of the nine French candidates for the 2022 draft. A few months ago, that was a waste of time. His 21st spring—22 August—demands him to make up for his younger prospects. He had to hide a basketball that started late – at fifteen – to keep bad expressions away from Scout Reports in his name. His reading of the game, dribbling and the hesitation ball in his hand, two or three meters from the circle, fueled the arguments of skeptical observers. But there. Through rankings and raw statistics, we tend to “mercenaries” players. As if Yoan was just a position 4/5 of 2m07 he had to work on his technique: “Rah, he is not tall, will fight against Youssoufa Vall and Victor Wimpanyama”. And what about the flame? And love the shirt? And, despite all the analyzes, the strength of character allowed this 21-year-old to take on the best teams in the French championship.

“We are very excited about the idea of ​​going to the qualifiers and will never admit defeat: we will try to play against Asfael head to head. The job is not done yet!” On May 17, after beating Monaco – synonymous with qualifying for the qualifiers – Yuan Macondo put the personnel issue in the background. In this period, few candidates for the 2022 draft are still discussing ambitions with their club. We remember the saga of Frank Ntelikina in 2017 with Strasbourg, which was interrupted in the final against Alain Chalon. Sorry for the Alsace fans who – in the middle of a paper on Macondo – didn’t expect to return to Jeremy’s bell coming down. But the playoffs are a great showcase for a young man’s talent. March Madness is a small French-style game, which allows scouts to assess the player’s abilities under pressure. It’s been ten years since Cholet Basket returned to the playoffs. With 27 points and 7 rebounds to receive Monaco, Yuan Macondo has proven that he knows how to perform in the very big moments, even before the celebrations begin. On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, The Nightmare of Luke Fisher added a new juggernaut to his hunting list. During match 1 of the first round of the qualifiers, Cholet Basket went on to steal ASVEL. Yuan stats? 10 points in a 4/6 shot including 1/1 from the park, 1 assist pass, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks and 1 interception, in “only” 17 minutes of play. Block in Victor Wimpanyama, Transparent in this meeting, seconds at best, eight seconds from the end. Between beating two teams at the Euroleague in one week or having fun at the Draft Combine, Yoan Makoundou chose to announce it.

“His league!” ». One expression in the mouth he did not allow himself yet. Within ten days Mack made Monaco bow out, could take out the regular season captain and validate…his first choice for the French team. You read correctly. This Wednesday, the day after Cholet’s completion in the land of Villeurbanne, Vincent called Colette Yuan with the blues. Everything he touches turns to gold. Icing on the icing that has already been placed on the icing of the cake. We don’t have the statistics books in front of us, but we will have to check how many 21-year-olds have been selected for the France team and drafted. If it is still too early to think about Macondo’s apparent rise in dummy project, The most important match of his young career awaits him. On Friday, Asvel – on a survival mission – moves through the Inferno of Meilleraie. There anything can happen. The fans blow on the opponent’s neck. If, in this advertised furnace, Yoan dropped 20 points and 10 rebounds, how could the scouts turn a blind eye? On January 15, 2022, Chawlett Baskett landed and Jill Bordolix threatened to cut support. Four months later, the Mauges Club is at the top and the mayor does like everyone else: he applauds. May he congratulate – whether forced to smile or not – on Yuan Macondo’s transatlantic voyage, on June 23.

At the last moment, Yoan Makoundou passes the lead. Should Cholet win on Friday, the bitter reconsideration towards the Frenchman would be complete. He can shoot, jump and advance in many other areas. But his appetite to win, less assured in Scout Reportsis still its greatest strength.

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