Basketball: By winning at JSA Bordeaux, BC Layrac-Astafort presents itself as climbing in National 3

By winning on the JSA Bordeaux floor, 70 to 76, the Fred Albisua boys won their ticket to play next season in National 3.

After his success against the Seyches on the opening day of this third national championship to join, the BCLA didn’t tremble at the Gironde by signing a second synonym for climbing. But it was complicated for Fred Albessoa’s boys who were pushed to their limits by the gallant Girondin formation.

From the start of this meeting, the Administrative Labor Law Consortium (BCLA) has been dictating its rhythm. Victor Boy is first in play (0-4, 1 .)Verse). Marlas brings his room to the building behind the red line (0-7, 2And). The local defense was energetically bypassed by Lot-et-Garonne. Adrien Boué finds that the opening well halfway moved by Chailly (4-18, 6And). In the racket, Boliva performs the act of undermining the drain of the opponent’s defense. Al-Khelaifi contributes. And here’s a BCLA with a large viaticum (8-21, 7And). But, Girondin found a second wind, especially in their mid-distance attempts which allowed them to limit the break at the start of the second quarter (14-27, 10And).

Johan Marlas and BCLA win in Bordeaux, synonymous with soaring at National 3
Nicholas Niedergand

JSAs threat

The Legal Businessmen Association is inseparable from the unit and seeks its dominance. Al-Khelaifi plays with the last defender to add two points (18-31, 14 .).And). Quickly stinging them, the JDF reservists sounded their alarm. Almost unrecognizable, especially in the Tom Gumbo line (23-32, 15And). Well conveyed by Léo Prudhomme, he finds a mechanism to put Layracaise’s defense to default. Especially since he does not stop there to reduce his people to two units thanks to two long-range missiles (38-40, 20).And). The BCLA has known some setbacks, and they are particularly grappled in the restricted area.

Fortunately, wanting to take control very quickly, the work safety analysis confuses speed with haste. In this game, Chailly makes his trade talking about planting two precious baskets of Lot-et-Garonnais (38-44 with “lemon”).

Back on Earth, Bordelais left nothing like Mabo, a brilliant interceptor at the other end of the field (40-46, 23).And). More applied, Fred Albiswa’s boys are still under strong pressure. Adrien Boué’s chosen moment for a double-triple combination gives some air to his teammates (42-51, 24 .).And). But Mallo responds to him to allow the locals to remain in a state of threat. Two balls lost by Lot-et-Garonnais converted and here is the suspense at its height (47-51, 25And). Unrecognizable compared to the beginning of the meeting, the JSA makes visitors doubt picking up 4 units at the edge of the final period (56-60).

President Charlie Bousquet struggled with Matteo De Carli in the second half before his joy erupted.

President Charlie Bousquet struggled with Matteo De Carli in the second half before his joy erupted.
Nicholas Niedergand

A final act that delivers on all its promises. panting; Scary for fans of both teams. Saboie puts on his shoes in the heels of “Black and Red” (70-71, 31And). Chailly uses her expertise to keep BCLA afloat (61-63, 35And). Marlas followed suit (61-66, 36 .).And). But, Bordelais do not abdicate the throne in the portrait of Captain Emmanuel (70-71, 38And). Fortunately, they were unable to convert two consecutive losses of balls from “Red and Black” (38And). Under the net, Chailly cleans and keeps the camp visitors quiet. Defense regains its virtues in the best of times. The sting ball by Adrien Boué allows fans to better resist within 60 seconds of the bell. Chile, once again, does not shiver under the basket (70-73, 40And). The last whims are in vain and the BCLA can rejoice. Bold and brave, he just won his passport to find National 3.

Enough to plunge fans, in particular Matteo De Carli, director of AS LAyrac, into beautiful communication with their heroes.

Certificate of Authenticity

In Bordeaux (poplar room)

JSA Bordeaux (2) 70 – BC Layrac-Astaffort 76
MT : 38-44. periods : 14-27, 24-17; 18-16, 14-16.

the reviewer : Khaled Hanno and Jamal Falouq. public : approximately 250 spectators.

For Layrac-AstaforR: 61 rounds were attempted, 30 of which were 4/16 from three points. 26 free throws were attempted, 12 successful. 22 follow up. Lost 18 balloons.
17 personal foul, no player disqualified.
the team : Khelifi (9), Lamarck (2), Laroy (9), Marlas (9), Shayli (22), F.Boy (6), Perrion (1), A.Boy (8), Bolivia (8), Brantus (2). Coach: Frederic Pessoa and assisted by Xavier Bourdon.

For Jsa Bordeaux (2) : 56 shots attempted, 26 shots of which were 26/8 from three points. 17 free throws were attempted, 12 successful. 13 follow ups. 20 balloons lost.
24 Personal Error 2 Unsportsmanlike: Dabadie (12And) and Mabo (35 .)And); Elimination of one player: Prodom (38).
the team : Rosand (5), Mapu (11), Sabboy (8), Dabadi, Prudhomme (14), Gumbo (18), Venue (2), Emmanuel (9), Sakalian Black (3), Bertrand. Coach: Jill Finio.

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