Boris Johnson criticized in ‘Partygate’ report

Without naming the prime minister directly, the poll points to a culture of “laxity” in Downing Street during Covid.

Reporter in London

This may be one of Partigate’s last works. After six months of revelations and rumours, the long-awaited internal investigation report led by senior civil servant Sue Gray fell through the “parties” held in Downing Street on Wednesday. An important moment for the political future of Boris Johnson.

As in its intermediate version published in January, the 37-page report blames driving errors. Meticulous, with backing up photos and emails, and more subtle than some would like to say, he often describes leaving parties—which can be accommodated at work events—that went on for so long. This has led, for some, to binge drinking, to the point that some get sick or nearly hit…

Without naming names, Sue Gray says that “top leaders” should take responsibility for the name-abandonment culture that allowed it “These events that shouldn’t have happened.”. Instead, Boris Johnson erred for not controlling his forces. The police investigation, which closed last week, imposed 126 fines. Boris Johnson received one for his attendance, a drink for his 56And Birthday, June 19, 2020. A small celebration he didn’t know beforehand, the Gray Report acknowledged.

It’s Boris Johnson “full of humility” who spoke in the House of Commons in the middle of the day. He repeated his apology, emphasizing the take “Full responsibility for everything that happened under his supervision”. Stressing that it is his duty to greet employees who leave their jobs. confirmed it ‘Lessons learned’, with a new leadership structure in Downing Street. She called now to move on to the real priorities of the British, in particular the cost of living crisis. Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak is due to make comments this Thursday.

Media pressure

Opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer has again called on the prime minister to resign. He is himself under investigation for sharing beer and curry with collaborators during confinement, and Tory MPs have called for their leader to finally be rid of. The whole question there is, whether the report can tip undecided Conservative parliamentarians about the fate of Boris Johnson. Several of them said they are already waiting for the conclusions of the Gray report.

Recently, “BoJo” seemed to be a “lifesaver” after being in poor shape in February. The war in Ukraine was a bit of a distraction, the police did not issue extra fines, and while the conservatives suffered some slaps in the recent local elections, the party has done fairly well. Can the rebellious MPs refill and collect the 54 letters needed for a vote of no-confidence? Anything remains possible, especially under pressure from the media. “Are you ready, day in and day out, to publicly defend his conduct?”Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood fired. The biggest threat to Boris Johnson will be the resignation of a minister, which could have a ripple effect. But State Department chief Liz Truss, who is said to have ambitions to replace Johnson, has said she supports him “100%”.

According to the press, several Tory MPs felt yesterday that Gray’s report was not as disruptive as one might think. If he crosses that hurdle without incident, Boris Johnson will still have to cross another hurdle, the Parliamentary inquiry which must determine whether he deceived the House of Commons by claiming he did not break the rules. In case of positive response, he has to resign. But this report should not be published for several months.

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