MultiVersus: The fighting game that takes down Super Smash Bros. ?

It’s impossible to talk about multiplayer fighting games without mentioning Super Smash Bros. climax. Rivals presented themselves to him, some better than others, without succeeding in overthrowing him. In 2022, it’s MultiVersus’ turn to enter the ring, but can he claim the title of champion?


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Fighting games based on a story mode worthy of the name are rare, and very rare. There is of course NetherRealm which is an exception with the Mortal Kombat and Injustice stories, but that’s it. MultiVersus decided to leave the narrative side aside to focus on fighting and fighting only. The studios responsible for the project do not justify, or nearly so, the meeting between members of the Justice League, Looney Tunes, and all the other characters on the MultiVersus roster.

In short, the icons of Warner Bros. They are teleported to the competition arenas and… voila! It may seem light like that, but it makes coffee, and that’s the main thing. Fans of different universes will be happy to know Some actors and actresses reprise their roles here, but only for English voices. Thus, Maisie Williams once again cast her voice as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones while Kevin Conroy was dressed as the Dark Knight. He was a translator for Gotham’s Vigilante in the 1992 animated series Batman: The Animated Series… whose origin Harley Quinn was also present in the game… The circle is full!


What do DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Steven Universe and Game of Thrones have in common? Nothing… other than the fact that all of these franchises are owned by Warner Bros. Merging several universes, so far apart both objectively and visually, is not easy. Manga fans still painfully remember the artistic direction of a certain Jump power that wasn’t unanimous, and that’s the least we can do.

MultiVersus takes a completely opposite direction when it comes to its graphics. The ad could be called a “3D cartoon” and it fits the entire cast and even the arenas perfectly. The care of the characters who maintain their idiosyncrasies and qualities is commendable. Even a nameless person like Arya Stark, whose images have been completely recast as unlike Bugs Bunny or even Finn the Human, is doing just fine.

Technically, nothing to complain about. Even on older generation consoles (we played on PlayStation 4 Pro), MultiVersus has it. Player First Games is always smooth once in the ring which is a must for Platform Fighter. Same goes for the network icon which is looking solid at the moment as well as the seamless matchmaking. Finding players only takes a few seconds, or even tens of seconds at most in the worst case.

MultiVersus: The fighting game that takes down Super Smash Bros.  ?


Now let’s get down to business because the fighting game is judged above all in its fights. MultiVersus inspired by the theme master… Super Smash Bros. climax. Nintendo fans will be on familiar territory here. The game from Warner Bros. It covers the basics of the genre, which is Platform Fighter. Simply put, several players compete in a closed 2D arena with the goal of taking other fighters out of it by inflicting damage on them. The higher the damage scale, the easier it is to expel.

MultiVersus, like its illustrious model, counts on it Nervous encounters, instantly fun and available to as many people as possible, even if she also wants to be technical … provided that she masters all the subtleties. This fighting game focuses on Teamwork and Collaboration. Each character has attacks and “moves” designed specifically for this purpose. Sami heals. Wonder Woman saves her from being kicked out with her whip. Batman hides his allies in smoke. etc. For the rest, we are faced with classic, but effective, simple and special attacks, dodges, and jumps. In short, a fighter platform in good and proper shape!

Player First games also add Overlay “RPG” to the basic formula by incorporating the progression system for both the player and the different characters in the list. By gaining XP and thus leveling up, the limit is currently 15, each fighter unlocks different items and special assets. These are passive bonuses that greatly improve the attributes of said fighter and/or teammates. The risk of causing disruption between the players! As for the “player” profile, its rise in strength translates into mainly cosmetic and / or monetary rewards, but we will talk about the economic model in due course.

MultiVersus: The fighting game that takes down Super Smash Bros.  ?


It will be difficult for MultiVersus to compete with the 89 fighters of Super Smash Bros. climax. Warner Bros. There are certainly dozens and dozens of characters in the inventory, but only a few of them have been announced so far. However, it must be recognized that The 16 fighters have their own style Made with 100% unique combos and other attacks. The intergenerational roster draws from a variety of universes, including DC, Looney Tunes, Game of Thrones, Scooby-Doo, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and The Iron Giant.

Players can choose between Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Taz, Arya Stark, Sammy, Vera, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Garnet, Steven Universe, Iron Giant and Reindeer. The last mentioned character is an original creation of Player First Games. There are even variants, other than purely cosmetic skins, for the fighters I just mentioned. For example, Batman can swap out his avatar outfit for samurai armor that exudes class. Note that the studios promised to add characters without specifying which ones and the release rate.

We can also consider the different arenas available to players. They are currently 6 in number and allow you to explore the Batcave, Scooby-Doo Haunted Mansion, Trophy Room, Laboratory, and finally the Treehouse. MultiVersus, as its name suggests, gives prominence to versatility. So the game modes offered are going in that direction with Classic 1v1 and Everyone For Self plus 2v2 and Co-op vs AI. Added to this are custom games and finally Le Labo to train and perfect your technique.

you would understand that, MultiVersus does not offer a single player mode per se., but simply the “with bots” version of the modes we just listed, just to offer a “single” alternative. Furthermore it, It should be noted that there are no real local players during the Alpha Special. This should be temporary, at least we hope. The fighting game, especially Platform Fighter, which is free of offline multiplayer will be a complete nonsense for many players. Finally in terms of online features, The game from Warner Bros. It is cross play and cross memorization This allows you to take on the entire community regardless of the medium and move from one platform to another without losing your progress.

MultiVersus: The fighting game that takes down Super Smash Bros.  ?

Free to play

MultiVersus is A free to play. This means microtransactions and a whole host of features designed to entice players to spend their euros. The principle of reward is here at the heart of the experience that first player games have envisioned. The more you play, the higher your reward. Thus players get items and earn gold by fighting, leveling up and completing various “quests” or objectives. They even eventually unlock new characters by spending their hard-earned gold. however, The heart of the economic model of this fighting game is the Battle Pass.

This concept, which is well known to players, encourages them to take up challenges, here called “seasonal levels” to pass the 50 levels and thus get the relevant rewards. In fact, the Battle Pass comes in two flavors, One is free and the other is premium and therefore paid. The second option, the price of which has not yet been determined, allows you to get better quality items and especially new skins such as Batman samurai. On paper, nothing forces players to spend a penny, and the free-to-play approach can Let everyone experience the experience. It can also have the opposite effect and Repel fans of this type.

MultiVersus: The fighting game that takes down Super Smash Bros.  ?


MultiVersus has the arguments to be proud of and can boast of offering a fun, robust and accessible experience to all. Will that be enough to beat the master of Super Smash Bros.? climax? Its hard to tell.

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