Xavier, Tess, Irma … Who are the victims of the elementary school shooting?

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Xavier Lopez, 10, was the first face to appear shortly after the shooting. His family, who confirmed his death, decided to create a cat on the Internet. More than $100,000 has already been raised. Within two months, Xavier Lopez was supposed to enter the fifth grade, which is the equivalent of CM2 in the United States. “He couldn’t wait to go to college,” his mother told the Washington Post.

Aziya GarciaHe, 10, was among the dead students. His aunt posted a picture of him on Facebook where he was not found anywhere after the shooting. “He was the most beautiful kid I’ve ever known,” his grandfather, Manny Renfrew, told CNN.

Jesse Carmelo Louvanos and his cousin Gelah Nicole Silgero, both 10, died at the same time on Tuesday. “Raise my angel high,” Veronica Loivanos, Gelah’s mother, wrote on Facebook.

Amiri Joe Garza, 9 years old, was also in class that day. “My little love is now flying with the angels. Please don’t take a second for granted. Embrace your family. Tell them you love them. I love you, Prince Joe,” her father wrote on Facebook.

Alicia Ramirez, 10 years old, one of the victims. Her father posted a picture of her on social media in an attempt to find her.

Miranda Mathis11 years into the shooting. “My darling little cousin, we love you so much. I’m so sorry this happened to you,” her cousin praised on Facebook.

Bravo Among the victims. “Sadly, my beautiful spring was one of the many victims of today’s tragedy…Rest in peace my sweet daughter, you don’t deserve this,” her cousin said on CBS.

sister Tess Marie He confirmed his death on social media. “In my eyes, you are not a victim but a survivor. She wrote on Twitter.

Annabel Guadalupe RodriguezA local media reporter confirmed that Salvador Ramos, 10, and his cousin were killed on Tuesday morning.

death Rogelio Torres, 10 years, confirmed by several journalists. His father had posted a video of him looking for him on Tuesday evening.

Lexi Rubio, 10, “left this world too soon,” Cousin wrote on Twitter. “He has been such a bright light in everyone’s life.”

the fatherElie Garcia He announced his death on Facebook. He wrote: “Mom and Dad love you both, they never forget it.”

Jose Flores He died at the age of ten. “He was a very happy little boy. His uncle told The Washington Post that he loved his parents…and laughed and had fun. He loved to play baseball.

death McKenna Lee Elrod, 10 years old, her sister confirmed on Twitter. “My little sister has finally been found in a classroom… All I ask is that you hug your loved ones tonight and tell them you love them, you never know when you’ll be gone. Chance.” “I am so sad.” Her father said: “I don’t know where to turn the world”.

in 10 years, Elihana Torres He lost his life in the massacre. On Fox News, her grandfather said that his granddaughter that day did not want to go to school.


Two teachers were also killed. It is ‘Irma Garcia46 years old and his colleague Eva Meirelles, 43 years old. “She sacrificed herself trying to protect children. Her heroine died ”, wrote on social networks John, Irma’s nephew. “She was such a beautiful human being and a dedicated teacher,” a former student mother of Eva Meirelles tweeted tribute.

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