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PS5. Still looking for PS5? Note that the latter is still available on Rakuten, but its official console is also on sale!

Playstation 5 is a console that is still very popular with many Internet users. It’s always hard to come by, however, and the PS5 takes advantage of the many possibilities available from some dealers who don’t hesitate to sell it at a high price.

On the contrary, many PS5 accessories and games are often offered for sale. The official PS5 DualSense controller is currently available at a discounted price from Amazon. The American giant breaks the price of the controller to offer it at an attractive price of 54.99 euros! Its best price is currently outside the used market. However, this promotion may not last for very long.

Are you looking for PS5? You’ve definitely noticed that getting the latest console from Sony is quite complicated. The fault of strong demand and too low inventory. While many discounts sometimes occur in stores or online, the Playstation 5 console is still very difficult to buy.

If you can’t get your hands on the PS5, and are tired of keeping an eye on the available stocks, know that the console is still for sale at Rakuten. However, the site offers a Playstation 5 at a high price, but this option may be suitable for those who cannot wait any longer. Games are also offered at excellent prices there.

Although the PS5 in Rakuten is quite expensive, it has the advantage of always having it in stock. You will also be able to find many already popular games from Playstation 5 as well as official accessories for the console at great prices by scrolling down this article.

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How to buy PS5?

Getting a PS5 is a far cry from the usual stroll through the supermarkets or just ordering online. Since the console’s release in December 2020, its status is still very specific. The PS5 was released straight from stock and in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s quickly becoming a mythical topic. It was rare that he could get another copy, and even rarer than the copies available for sale. Since then, Playstation 5 hunting has almost become a sport, with its own rules, players, and referees. If you want to learn more about the various tips you need to know to buy your console, the slide below is for you.

PS5 is available at a high price

Finding a full-priced leftover PS5 might be the best way to get the latest Sony console today. Unfortunately, the flea market is as prolific as the new one, with copies of the console being offered at prices sometimes more than double the original retail price. As we remember, the PS5 was sold by Sony for 399 euros for its digital version, and 499 euros for its standard version. Therefore, second-hand purchases are reserved for buyers who want to have the console at any price, regardless of price. For others, see the slideshow below and the live track of PS5 stock trends.

What games to buy with Playstation 5?

Although PS5 is hard to find, many games are already available on it. Whether or not the titles are Playstation exclusives, they have the best graphics and load times currently available on a next-generation console. There is also something for everyone with action, adventure, FPS and even horror games. Some PS5 games are already on sale!

Many great games are also expected on PS5. We will be thinking in particular of the futuristic God of War: Ragnarok, which is still scheduled for release in 2022. The futuristic “Hogwarts Legacy” will also allow players to immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter with great action and graphics. Stay tuned to find everything available from Playstation 5, plus new releases!

PS5 accessories at best price

Between consoles and headphones, Sony brings you the full range necessary to take full advantage of Playstation 5. Of course, these accessories are much easier to find on the console itself, which is good news for the lucky people who actually had the chance to get a PS5. Thus they will be able to enjoy the surround sound and all the new features of the Dualsense controllers, such as the touchpad, haptic feedback on the triggers and more realistic vibrations.

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