Drought brings skeletons of mob victims to the surface of a lake near Las Vegas

This is a highly unexpected consequence of the historical drought that is currently severe in the United States. Since the beginning of the month, individuals have discovered previously submerged human bones in the depths of Lake Mead. The mafia shadow hangs over these skeletons.

The story that has been reported in the American press in recent days has gained special resonance the day after the death of actor Ray Liotta, the hero of the series. free. But his setting is reminiscent of another Martin Scorsese mafia movie script: casino.

In fact, on the Las Vegas, Nevada side, the drought – which is currently sweeping the United States – has brought several skeletons to the surface of Lake Mead in recent weeks. Finds the local police immediately seized, on suspicion that these bones were the remains of victims of the old city mafia.

hiding in a barrel

It wouldn’t really be surprising given Las Vegas’ past, whose rise, from the immediate post-war period, was linked to the mafia that built the first game rooms there.

But this succession of discoveries is more a matter of climate than news. Indeed, persistent drought has drained Lake Mead, yet the most important water reservoir in the United States according to CNN, exposing its deepest secrets.

It is first and foremost a lakeside walk facing each other on a previously submerged barrel, on Sunday 1 May, as stated here before The New York Times. Under the mud and metal, he reveals a skeleton, with a skull shattered by a bullet. Without paper or meat, the identification of the body is impossible for the police: but the victim wears shoes and clothes purchased at a cheap Las Vegas sign, active only during the years 1970-1980.

Regarding The method of work This gunshot execution followed by a deep water dive – it brings old memories to the surface. “Since the 1890s, the act of hiding a body in a barrel after putting a bullet in the head has been a signature of the mafia,” Jeff Schumacher, a journalist who specializes in Las Vegas criminal history, told BFMTV.

Fillings and bones

A few days after that first discovery, the New York Daily reports, the Melvin sisters were surfing on the waves of the same lake when they noticed the bones. At first they think they belong to a sheep. Lynette Melvin recounted in the newspaper, “Only when I saw the fillings in my jaw I thought, ‘Wow, that’s human,’ and I started to freak out.”

Finally, last Sunday, a skull was discovered again by chance on a bank. It should be noted that it was in a place usually submerged… However, in the area the water level dropped thirty meters due to the heat and the lack of rainfall.

It is the criminal police who actually take charge of all these files in order to judge the responsibility or non-responsibility of the underworld, but they also consider these last two skeletons to be rather more submerged skeletons than victims of organized crime.

For the investigators anyway, we still have to go from bad surprise to bad surprise. “I would say there’s a very good chance we’ll find more remains as the water level drops,” Lieutenant Ray Spencer told KLAS-TV.

environmental disaster

If the criminal or accidental origin of these deaths still had to be proven, the environmental catastrophe was undeniable. 40 million people have already been affected by the drought of Lake Mead which supplies drinking water to seven states, as well as part of Mexico, of which 77% of the resources supply the surrounding agriculture. Moreover, according to the experience cited by CNN here, the situation could deteriorate further, with the lake likely to drop to 19% of its maximum capacity in September 2023.

However, the authorities are trying to respond. Thus, 200 million federal and local investment has been launched, according to public broadcaster NPR, in order to ensure the reservoir’s sustainability.

Victor Estrangin with Robin Werner

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