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From left to right, Jan Linz (Under 11 coach), Serge Abi (Senior coach) and Marc Odin (club president). (© US Forges Basket)

established in 2020I’American Basketball Forges It was his first full season this year. Mark OdinThe club president makes a balance sheet from the last and announce Objectives In the next season.

A very satisfying first season

Statistically speaking, the club scored for the first time between 110 and 115 licenses. Please to Mark Auden who did not expect this.

Honestly, I was expecting to build three or four teams with 40 or 50 licensees. It shows that there is a real demand for basketball in the city.

Mark OdinPresident of Forges Basketball Corporation, USA

Today, the club consists of two senior teams, a women’s under-18 team (under 18), boys’ teams in the under-17, under-15 and under-13 categories, a mixed team in the under-11 and a U6-U7 team.

Despite the results that are not necessarily positive for all groups, the boss above all maintains a state of mind.

In addition to the organized and participating teams, the club can count on the office and volunteers present.

“The club can only be built on the basis of volunteers,” the club president stated. However, the latter did not say no to two or three additional volunteers.

According to him, the main mistake this season is the scoring of two under-15 teams. The issue has been corrected since today, and the two teams have been merged.

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The sports season ends beautifully

For this first season, the first team had an exceptional season. : 16 games, 16 wins.

Very positive evaluation of Mark Odin who thanks his coach.

We have a great team, a great coach (Serge Abi). He has a strong demand that allows the team to progress and has achieved the goal I assigned to him.

Mark OdinPresident of Forges Basketball Corporation, USA

Thanks to these results, Seniors 1 took the title of Management Champion on Sunday, May 15th and entered Class D3 (Division Three of the Divisions).

This requirement and progress are also felt in the younger teams. He was the Under-17 and 15th consecutive Provincial Champion and second.

Among the women, despite the disappointing results, there was a noticeable progress and an impeccable spirit was noted.


For Marc Auden, youth is an integral part of the US Forges Basket future project.

“The goal is to keep them. That is the future of the first team.

In order to keep them and make progress, the club president wants to ensure that they have quality oversight.

Each coach imparts his knowledge of basketball and helps the youth progress.

In addition to the men’s senior team, he wants to see the creation of a first women’s team.

I want to develop the young women’s teams because that’s the future of the first team as well.

Mark OdinPresident of Forges Basketball Corporation, USA

Something that gives confidence to the future members of the American Five Forges Basket.

Club goals

For the first team, after last season, the goal is clear: to go up. Serge Abi knows what to expect. The boss wants access to D2M next season.

“Regional Club Review”

A team reinforcement will be implemented but the president knows he can count on an ambitious coach who will be able to fill the few gaps that have been identified this season.

“If the work continues and we close our gaps, we have the potential to achieve that goal.”

Mark OdinPresident of Forges Basketball Corporation, USA

In the long term, he would like to find Forges regionally.

You have to develop step by step. But in the long term, I would like to see the club again on a regional level.

Mark Odin President of Forges Basketball Corporation, USA

The main desire of his first team is not to go down the following year, and then go up the next.

Among the youth, the goal is to build a pool of players to supply the teams of the future.

But Mark Auden also hopes to be able to coach many youngsters to referee and coach to be able to coach or judge future generations.

The last major goal mentioned is the overall basketball development. A project close to the heart of the club president.

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