The 3 reasons why Tango Iliana Rupert left Bourges

1. Stranger’s dream

Ileana Robert has never hidden this, and development in other countries is part of her career plan. “Once signed, Borg alerted me to the fact that playing abroad was one of my dreams, as she told us last March. Besides basketball, going to a new country will allow me to discover the culture and language and this is also what attracts me abroad.”

excellent Eliana Robert, LFB Season MVP with Tango: “If you ask yourself, you can ask the group to be demanding”

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After four years in the TBB Women’s League, as her influence continued to grow year after year, the 20-year-old chose to take the plunge. Because of the current context, he will not be in Yekaterinburg in Russia, which has “always been a dream”. But on the other side of the Alps, in Bologna.

2. Virtus thinks big

Virtus Bologna is on the rise. The men’s team, in which two French internationals (Issa Cordinier and Mohamedou Gaïta) play, won the European Cup two weeks ago. Led by Massimo Zanetti, president of the wealthy coffee company Segafredo, the Italian club plans to develop its women’s division. After the defeat in the Italian championship final against Schio in mid-May, Virtus Bologna CEO Luca Paraldi stated in the columns of the local daily Il resto del Carlino with his ambitions: “We are trying to improve the team even more, let’s take a look at the national and international market.”

excellent Eliana Robert, captain of the Burg Basket gondola during the European Cup final

Thus, the club, which is scheduled to participate in the next Euroleague season, will be able to count on Eliana Robert. But she shouldn’t be the only frontrunner because the specialist website talks about the arrival of American star Brianna Stewart, a double Olympic champion with the United States.
Finally, Virtus Bologna formalized last night the arrival of Iberian coach Miguel Mendes, the Spanish coach, who has been in charge of Yekaterinburg since 2018, on the bench.

3. End of the course

Eliana Robert arrived at the Bourges Basket in 2018 from the Federal Center with the rough diamond label, and it has continued to gain momentum. Over the seasons, his playing time increased, his board expanded and his importance and responsibilities within the team continued to grow. Euroleague Young Woman of the Year in 2020 and 2021, and Young Woman of the Tournament in Women’s League in 2021, the interior (1.94 metres) has taken on another dimension this season. The top scorer and bouncer on TBB in the league (13.8 points, 6.5 rebounds) and in the European Cup (14.7 points, 7.1 rebounds), she delivered the best statistical season of her young career. Tango was named Player of the Year at the LFB and Final Four Eurocoupe tournaments at the beginning of April.

excellent Elodie Godin on Eliana Robert: ‘It’s the future of French basketball at home’

It begs the question: Was Eliana Roberts doing better next year? With such a season, she did not lack temptations. Would she have had the same opportunities in a year? Impossible to say. Now leaving, she’s doing so by being “on top”, possibly in a double Eurocoupe – the women’s league in case Tango succeeds against Leon Asvel (first Sunday match at Prado). The last great challenge he faced in Bourges.

Nicholas Werkin

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