, the startup that wants to promote golf course animation in France and the USA – Golf Planète

Based in Florida and Europe, is a startup founded by the French who set a clear and predictable goal: to relaunch the fun of golf and help clubs develop dynamic and modern animations thanks to a powerful digital software.

The goal, then, is to highlight the foundation of golf fun: having fun with more and more friends.
In order for the clubs to get more income…

There are no ads but contests, forums, invitations to expand your circle of acquaintances, meetings on a group and a calendar to organize quickly …

Everything a golfer and golfer would expect from their passion and that the lack of tools didn’t allow them to achieve until arrived!

On the initiative of this application, Gaitan MoganShe was recently joined by two partners who did not hesitate to set foot in Saint Petersburg, Florida and participate, in January, in the annual grand parade. Orlando PGA.

For Golf Planète, Gaëtan tells us all about this tool that can quickly become as essential for golfers as it is for golf clubs.

A real little revolution in the world of golf.

Very favorable reception at the PGA Show in Orlando
And the first signatures

I just arrived from the big trade fair that brings together all the golfers in Orlando every year. You’ve decided to take a stand there and take on the market head on when your product isn’t fully open to the public. How do you feel and to what extent you return with guarantees and hopes?

We return full of hope and above all full of guarantees. On the occasion of this show, we partially opened the platform to the public, allowing us to test the sentiments of golf managers and the American press. The reception and feedback has been very enthusiastic, both from the 200 golf facility owners we met who had access to, and from representatives of the American press. We have also since been contacted for an interview in a TV documentary “Developing the game of golf through innovation and technology” : The report will be broadcast on American channels in the second half of 2022)

We already signed our first contract in the US last week and are in talks about ten more!

In France, the welcome is equally good from the managers and players in the golf industry we have met.
We already have 3 partners (under signing), many requests to participate in golf events and the schedule for the next few weeks is very busy in France.

The fun of golfers and the entry of golf courses

How do I distinguish, in a few words, What expectations do you want to achieve?

In short, is a private digital platform, which aims to make golf “fun” wherever there are golf facilities, search for golf games, and participate in competitions and mini tournaments among members.

To do this, we send premium members when they sign up a bundle with different items, some of which play into some unique features of such as challenges (member launches a fun challenge to another member and puts them in the game as a club snack or one of their received items) or during mini tournaments Based on the concept of the Ryder Cup and Solheim…

Our members can also organize and/or search for golf games anywhere in France and the USA, manage their own golf calendar, etc. Wedoo golf allows you to search for other members using criteria other than the index; It allows you to meet new people. also provides its premium members with all modern communication tools (chatting, creating groups, publishing posts, etc.), as well as a very cool sponsorship program!

Isn’t this new tool part of the same philosophy of Top Golf, a hit everywhere whose theme is fun, sporting and friendly challenges and fresh encounters?

Sure, we’re in the same spirit as Top Golf, who we met at the PGA Show. Which is very much appreciated by young and old: giving a way to enjoy beyond artistic performance (good or less ;-).
The idea is to support the golf infrastructure with land, allowing you to enjoy close to what you can get on the best golf course.

We are convinced that a good game of golf depends not only on our individual performance or level of play, but also on its progression (coordinated and conditioned rhythm), the “chemistry” of the playing partners (friendliness, good understanding …), and above all fun …

The first paid subscription from only 4 euros per month!

Why does not exist until today?

In France, we believe that some features have been around for a long time, but not in this complete and uniform form. They have been distributed on various existing platforms. I’m thinking of different Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups in particular, and others that didn’t really exist (challenges for example).
As for the North American market, we are in competition with two other startups… and that means the demand is real.

We just had the idea of ​​getting everything together in one place, in the palm of the player’s hand. And to constantly enrich the platform with the comments of our members.

How much will cost for interested golfers? to the clubs? for partners? And how does your business intend to make money because you don’t want to make room for advertising?

Our business model is based on the “fremium” model, so the first level of free access and the possibility to subscribe at an annual cost less than the cost of the green fee, to get more functionality and get packages. This subscription system allows us not to use the data for advertising purposes, unlike our US competitors.

We have 4 subscription levels: Free, Silver, Gold and soon Diamond. Level 1 (Free) allows you to discover and be able to try out certain functions for 30 days. You don’t need to upgrade to premium to use the basic features.

The distinct levels escalate in the functions and content of the packages sent (from the cap to the soft shell, through the belt…).
The starting price is from 48 euros per year for the silver level (i.e. 4 euros per month).

Since opened to the public on January 23, Gold (without bundle) subscriptions have been offered for any registration. On March 5th, we move to the full freemium model.

For golf courses, the model varies according to their condition (associative or not), their model (private, semi-private, and public) and the level of involvement with their members. In general, the cost is zero for golf courses except for some green fees that we consider in competitions. That is why we communicate with them one by one.

We also have a form for PROs who can include a premium subscription in their courses, for example.

Three partners of digital and international business relations and creation of golf shops

You are three partners at the start of this startup: What are their backgrounds?

Personally, I come from the digital world, having for 25 years held various positions and responsibilities as a senior manager in a large consulting firm, or even more recently within Microsoft in positions of digital consultant, product marketing manager or sales specialist.

So Michel joined the team last year. For the past ten years, it has been split between the United States and France in the import/export world. Michel manages the purchasing operations, as well as supporting the development of the North American market.

The experience of the first two partners was enhanced by the arrival of Sebastian at the beginning of the year with his (professional) background in developing and setting up golf chains. Sebastian in charge of the European market (including the UK)

We have hired a North American Director (John) at the Orlando Show. John is in charge of this market and his international experience (he lived in France and Japan) is a real asset in our structure.

Our strength is that everyone comes from different backgrounds and cultures. I wanted to find colleagues who were also sources of different ideas and able to suggest new perspectives, given the current state of the golf industry.

busy schedule

Did you choose to launch jointly in France and the USA? What is your schedule and next steps?

Sure, we’re launching both countries simultaneously. We asked ourselves the question “which countries first and which countries/regions rank them” and the only clear answer was France and the US in parallel.

The reason is simple: The North American market is more competitive and forces us to be more innovative, more flexible and more reactive. If we don’t implement ourselves quickly in the USA, our competitors will do it for us…and then it will be difficult to gain market share. This is beneficial for France and Europe, insofar as it forces us to enrich the platform faster to maintain our leadership.

The agenda is very busy with simultaneous launches, marketing campaigns … and on a technical level we open the remaining 10% of the platform in the next two weeks (mainly tournament-related functions) and thus be able to offer “Diamond” subscriptions!

In terms of prospects, we’re gearing up for year-end openings in the UK, then Germany and the “North”, then Spain (even if many players would like to spend some winter in the Iberian Peninsula).

In short, our schedule is very busy!

Information and contacts: – contact Gaetan: 07 49 99 75 47 or

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