Why is it not advisable to close the laptop screen before turning it off completely?

What a relief I was finally able to complete this file, after tirelessly writing it for hours on your laptop! But now in a state of euphoria, pressing the button to turn off the device, the screen shuts down even before it turns off completely. Hop in, in a few seconds, you’ll have ruined all your work, and you’ll probably lose all your data! Yes, this happens a lot. And that’s not all: this error that almost all of us make can affect other files and damage your computer. Here are the reasons why you should change this bad habit.

In recent years, the trend has been towards remote work and virtual courses. The laptop has thus become our essential daily companion. The fact that it crashes has become an obsession for many users. However, regardless of technical issues beyond our control, most of the time we don’t handle them properly. In fact, we are often held responsible for the damage to our device. However, to enhance its performance and maintain its life span, we must not only maintain it more often, but above all avoid some frequent mistakes. One of the most common ones is precisely to constantly interrupt its shutdown.

What happens when you shut down your laptop before it’s completely shut down?

Close the laptop screen

Close laptop screen – Source: spm

It only takes a few seconds, yet many people have the annoying habit of locking the screen without waiting for the laptop to turn off on its own. Then you will be convinced that such a harmless gesture will not have harmful consequences. It’s a huge mistake!

When you turn off your laptop, a complete shutdown process takes place to separate any programs or applications running in the background. For the proper functioning of your device, it is necessary to wait for this technical process to complete.

However, if you get impatient and voluntarily shut down your laptop screen, you are interrupting the entire shutdown process: which can greatly affect its components that communicate and communicate with each other to perform tasks.

What damage can your laptop do?

laptop off

Laptop is down – Source: spm

Unfortunately, this may damage one of the main components of the device. Indeed, by closing the laptop screen and suddenly interrupting the shutdown process, it is the hard drive itself that can suffer. And as you know, all your computer information is stored there.
Therefore, completely avoid turning off your screen while upgrading the operating system, as this may damage the files that allow your laptop to function properly. Also, your device may start showing blue screens or boot errors when you turn it on.

Always check the indicator lights before shutting down your laptop

Turn off the laptop

Turn off your laptop – Source: spm

This gesture can turn on the standby screen. In fact, when the shutdown is not done properly, many users are surprised to find that their screen flickers and turns blue when they restart their PC.

To avoid this, it is best to always check the LED indicator lights that come with every laptop. Many models have one bearing model and one for disk use. When your device is turned off, it is very important to make sure that all lights are also off before shutting them down.

However, during the system update, you automatically receive a message from Windows warning you not to force the laptop to shutdown: because this greatly affects the files necessary for this update to function properly.

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