Basketball. In the final confrontation, Borg and Asvel are looking for the title and a place in the Euroleague

Basketball players in Borg led by the 2021/22 season’s best player, Eliana Robert, play for the third time of Sunday’s final indoors. two months.

“We are where we want”

This time around, it will be the top five matches to reclaim the national crown that Berruyères have not won since 2018. They will have the stadium advantage by receiving at the Prado – where they have not lost since October 16 – their first. Two games and a good potential, thanks to a great regular season (22 wins and two losses only).

“The work we’ve done all year hasn’t been for nothing, because playing matches at home when that’s important”Coach Olivier Lafarge rejoiced after qualifying for the final.

The most successful club in the French championship (14 crowns, 14 more than Clermont), Tango Bourget dominated the regular season in first place, ensuring them, bypassing the field advantage in the championship final, a place in the preliminary round of the Euroleague.

But Olivier Lafarge’s players want more, and above all avoid the blundering adventure this season, which the Italians deprived Chew of the Euroleague in the qualifying round at the start of the season.

“In September, we wanted to be there, and we are exactly where we want to be. There is no more…”Eliana Robert retracted at a press conference after Basket Lands was released in the semi-finals.

Six medalists from the Tokyo Games

Berruyères had to play a crucial match 3 in the quarter-finals against Lattes-Montpellier and in the two-half match against Basket Landes, played by the players of Pierre Vincent, the former coach of France (2008-2013) and on the bench at Lyon since then. Beginning of the season, I managed to avoid it.

In the quarter-finals, they crushed Roch Fendi (92-77, 108-54) before becoming more addicted by Villeneuve Dusk’s players, who returned in two sets (80-78 and 83-76).

“The regular season was complicated but we got through it. We are showing a better picture of the team since the start of the playoffs. It is one last story and another beginning. Like the start of the new season. It will be a great final for women’s basketball.”Marine Johannès believes, has been behind Asfael since the fall of 2019, after three seasons at Bourges.

Final under the supervision of the French coach

Asfel will therefore have the physical freshness on his side, in the final in which Les Bleues’ current coach, Jean-Aimee Touban, will necessarily watch, with five of the twelve bronze medalists from the Tokyo Games on the ground. : Ileana Robert, Sarah Michelle, Andy Meem for Tango, Marin Yohannes, Helena Siak and Alexia Chartreau for Asvel.

For Lyon, newcomers to the national scene since Tony Parker took over the club in the summer of 2017 and were crowned French champions after two seasons, the goal is to suspend a second national title, which is almost the only way to play in the league. Euroleague next season.

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Another possibility is more uncertain: the possibility of redistribution of one of the centers of the Russian club to France by FIBA, if the FIFA decides to maintain the suspension imposed on Russia and Belarus, after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army on February 24. .

Basketball. In the final confrontation, Borg and Asvel are looking for the title and a place in the Euroleague

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