Loïck Coolen: Albi Bowling nugget at Worlds in Sweden

Registered on the list of high-ranking athletes from the Ministry of Sports, 18-year-old bowler Loick Coolen, licensed to the Albi-Le Séquestre bowling club, is preparing to tie a sacred trio with the world and then French and European championships.

The Albi-Le Séquestre Bowling Club (BCASL) has many young talents in its ranks. Among them, youngster Lock Coolen (18), the club’s last recruit this season, stands out once again with the France team selection.

He was thus chosen to represent France at the World U-21 Bowling Championship (under-21) in Sweden from June 21-29 in Helsingborg. He will then continue the French championship on July 17 in Clermont-Ferrand before concluding a brutal hat-trick in Wittelsheim (67) for the European Championship. A fair reward for this young player thrown out in 2021 from BCASL, who cemented the National 2 Boys, newly promoted to National 1, the highest level in bowling, ahead of the Aix-en-Provence and Draguignan teams.

With Loick Coolen, talent does not wait for the number of years. Drowning in pot since the age of seven, the kid “enjoys bobbing the ball and hitting bowling. After that it became a passion. I love this very regular sport. The thing that leads to something else, is that Loick stumbles early on at the age of thirteen within the France collegiate team.

Understand that his talent has attracted the attention of recruits for the national team. “When I joined my first coaching period, I was clearly the youngest in the national group. I had just started competing as junior at my first club in Périgueux-Trélissac. I played with guys aged 18-19. Today, after five years, I only managed From reaching the level of maturity and excellence. »

2022: The year of confirmation?

2021 will be the year of hatching the young prodigy ball, both individually and within teams. “I am participating in the European Championships in the Netherlands in Tilburg in September 2021. The first international experience was not sparkling, but personally I was the French player who scored the most hits and therefore the points. I leave with certainty about my game and the development I give it.”

Industrious, Loick Coolen is the true example of a well-balanced boy who is as serious in his studies of mathematics at the Limoges Faculty of Sciences as in the Albigensian, French and European bowling alleys.

“Being a Cartesian, I think it helps me tremendously given the number of factors used in this sport compared to golf often. There is oil on the fairway, balls that each champion chooses for their core and toss. Personally, I prefer quiet balls that don’t make big spins before smashing the spikes. Through teams, the boy quickly becomes the locomotive of his club. Here again, the vintage of 2021 will be enchanting for Albanians.

“I can’t wait to prove it to the world.”

“We won our promotion to National 1, the equivalent of Ligue 1 in football, on May 22 after very much finished with our group of ten. The team consisted of 7 players including two substitutes. I would like to salute Roland Audirac, the athletic and mental coach, who We owe him a large part of our performance. Moreover, I would like to express my thanks to Nadi who helped me a lot in terms of trips and travel.”

Discovering National 1 does not scare Loïck Coolen. “We have assets that other teams don’t have. We are still making ourselves as a team. We must be able to meet the maintenance target while still being ambitious. Next year is undoubtedly my biggest year and I am approaching these three competitions with great desire.”

Bowling, like billiards or golf, is a sport of repetition. Lock spends an average of 8 to 10 hours a week performing his ranges at the bowling alley and adds four hours of running and cardio. Our hero assumes the tremendous pressure of his first worlds. I can’t wait to prove what I’m capable of. »

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