Swin-golf: Biesles at the rendezvous!

At the end of three days of high-level competition, young Gaël Meyer, of Biesles, became the French Under-18 Champion, while his club partner, Pascal Delarche, climbed up the third division of the podium, in the adult ‘2’. A look back at the competition that tempted everyone.

Ahead of her first French Champion ‘1’ trophy, for the second year in a row, Anne-Paul Flambard, of Lafferty, did not fail to welcome “Organised as we like it in Swin-Golf, with a good welcome, great team, beautiful course to discover, coexistence and perfect structure. This is an example of swin-golf. It is only positive!”

Cédric Desese, from Montnois, in Doubs, France’s 3 . champione Times in Seniors “1”, he also wanted to emphasize “The ground is very well prepared, the atmosphere is very good. Swinging golf is sport and coexistence.”

In short, a complete victory for the 35 volunteers at the Biesles Center for Sports and Recreation (PSLB), its President, Isabel Mayer, and Lillian Richard, Vice President of PSLB, President of the Grand Est League of swin-golf, event organizer, with the help of Agglo de Chaumont and the European Development Fund in rural environments. “We focus on hospitality”Lillian Richard said before the awards ceremony. “Everyone is satisfied. It is one of the most prestigious tournaments in France in recent years.”

Success also at the athletic level for pesloa. From seventeen at the start, after two days of competition, they were still ten, Saturday May 28, for the final. On the beautiful eighteen-hole course of 10 hectares of communal land made available by the Mayor of Bislis, finalists Michel Andre showed for nearly four hours all their expertise.

gold and bronze

Hats off to young Pesloa Gail Mayer, the president’s son. Only 13 years old, show that the next generation exists! At the end of the three days, he won the title of French champion among the palaces by six strokes ahead of Marius Piero, who is no less talented. ” I am happy “said the winner. “On the first day, I made a great card. I confirmed on the second day, with eight points up front. On the third day, you can’t make any mistakes and it worked.”

because of Two training sessions of three hours per weekGayle Meyer, who exercises Tennis and soccer too, but with a preference for Swin-GolfHe has a good chance of achieving his goal, which is negative index. »

If the youth were victorious, the experienced Pascal Delarche, also from Bisleys, was also in attendance, winning the bronze medal in the senior ‘2’ category. But not all was smooth sailing, he explains. “I was way too late. I was fourth before the last lap, seven strokes behind. I played my game and took advantage of the weaknesses in front of me. I am happy with my game.”

European Cup on the horizon

Like the majority of the participants, the one who was the vice-champion of France in 2019 among the over-50s, wanted to “I thank Biesles Sports and Leisure Center for organizing a great stadium. We were able to talk for three days. Congratulations to the organizers.”

Positive feedback from athletes that does not leave indifferent Lillian Richard, the latter even makes an announcement. “In the next five years, we will submit an application to organize a national, and even European, competition with the European Cup. But, for now, we will allow the 35 volunteers to rest! »

In order to end the apotheosis of these three days placed under the sign of cordiality, all these beautiful people were invited to a banquet. After effort, rest!

Yves Tintorrier


Senior Men “1”

1. A- Decize 185 piasters. 2. Leo Lawson 191 points 3. F. Pujol 193 points…
Older “2” men

1. S. Gobley 199 points 2. Bevin 200 points, 3. P. Delarche (Biesles) 213 points…
Senior “3” men

1. Mr. Jouhair 194 points, 2. Brio 211 points 3. c. Hoso 213 points…
Older “4” men

1. Doro 218 points 2. C- Chartier 218 points, 3. Duchmin 232 points…
under 18

1. J. Mayer (Bislis) 211 points 2. Mr. Piero 217 points 3. First – Menetrier 272 points.
Ladies “1”

1. Palestinian Authority. Flambard 211 points 2. Decreased 217 points 3. J. Gilmini 217 points…
Seniors “2”

1. a. Hauso 242 points, 2. a. repo 248 points, 3. S Fris 266 points…
sbig female “3”

1. Robin 229 points 2. F. Lemarotel 230 points, 3. Mr. Sauvion 237 points…

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