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Of all the listed mythical creatures, vampires are among the most fascinating. Both attractive and fearsome, these living beings embodied the fears of our ancestors, both through their belonging to the afterlife, but also and above all through their addiction to blood. Omnipresent in literature, film, and video games, this genre of ghost became popular in Europe at the beginning of the 18th century and has been constantly updated over time, addressing all layers of popular culture. With V Rising, Stunlock Studios is embracing the Valheim cliché by trying to push the concept even further. Get ready to succumb to its sting!

Three centuries after its appearance in Austrian mythology, the vampire is hypnotized by his tendency to mingle with the crowd and sow terror and devastation. However, despite the fear it elicits, this nocturnal entity suffers from flaws that lie at the heart of the V Rising experience. A clove of garlic, a mirror, verbena, a cross, a dowel… Any good way to eliminate a vampire! Forget the clichés, the work of Stunlock Studios attempts to dust off the myth by associating it with a highly addictive sandbox adventure. Address in Early Access is on the way to becoming a real phenomenon!

Vampire interview

Long ago, vampires had their own lands and lived in a community. Nocturnal creatures, it was not for the taste of humans who decided to rebel to regain control. Gradually, majestic armies were built up, waiting for the right moment to attack. A terrible conflict arose and the vampires were banished, leaving all power and their ancient land to man. For centuries, the living dead remained hidden in the dark, waiting for their time. This has finally come!

V Rising is the embodiment, via an action/survival game, of this vampire’s vengeance since their descent. In the depths of the crypt, an avatar wakes up. Around him, everything is just remnants and ruins lit up by the subtle glow of torches. With little or no explanation, we quickly understand that adventure is all about Looting (Enemy looting), resources and inventory management. The environment is interactive and contains bones thus allowing to follow the first task of creating a bone sword, an essential accessory for defense. Stunlock is based on the idea of ​​goals to follow and items to get rid of by smashing combos and enemies that come to rub your fangs. We end up pulling ourselves out of this vault to find fresh air and face the dangers of darkness and the lords of these dark lands. Enhanced equipment (thanks to items retrieved along the way), gain experience in existence and gradually paint the parameters of this amazing mission!

Play it like Dracula

V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite?

The map is very gigantic and full of multiple dangers.

The vampire requires that the main character (created from scratch by the player) has different powers, but it also has drawbacks. By evolving from biome to biome, linked together by teleporters, the player discovers that the famous creature can defeat countless enemies, but also fall into its traps! V Rising is already forcing a harmful day/night cycle on our dear anti-hero. As in popular myth, a vampire cannot stay in the light, at risk of suffering from the destructive effects of the sun’s rays. Also, during the day you have to find different tricks to avoid being affected by UV rays! This goes through the shade of Mother Nature (trees, shrubs, etc.), but also with the use of special coppers. Suffice it to say that in the beginning, the progression takes place mainly at night!

Since the sun is a danger to your avatar, you will mainly have to work at night.

V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite? V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite?

It is also impossible to carry money for a long time or risk seeing her health deteriorate in the same way as poisonous attacks from poisonous enemies. Plus, in order to be able to continue on this long quest, Vampire Law requires well-placed nutrition and a constant look at the blood meter in the middle of the screen. This decreases as you progress and you have to fill it in constantly by throwing yourself at the humans (soldiers, bandits, etc) and animals roaming or grazing in the forest. In addition to the question of survival, capturing this blood also makes it possible to restore the traits associated with the prey. The higher its strength and resistance, the more useful the blood obtained! All of these concepts make V Rising a fun and original game that highlights vampire flaws. By relating these mechanisms to survival/roguelite-type cliches, Stunlock has truly found a promising formula!

Creatures with strong blood qualities, thieves, all means are good to satiate your thirst. V Rising doubles down on the original mechanics!

V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite? V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite?

shadow builders

V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite?

After defeating the monsters of the first biome, the player lands in a forest, highlighting the richness Looting (Retrieve loot from enemies) and the importance editing (Making things). We upgrade our equipment, grab more powerful weapons, but one big problem remains: we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature and the dangers lurking! This is where building construction comes in, as it comes to erecting a massive castle! If beginners regret the lack of explanations (we invite you to take a look at the news of the various tips that will appear in the coming days), V Rising highlights an entire system of blocks to be placed. First, the player must collect the items needed to install the castle’s core, a kind of orchestra conductor that supplies all the items that allow him to live in his building. From there, while collecting wood, stone, and plant fibers (and many others) necessary for construction, the avatar can set its boundaries (plots), curbs, create a workbench, create a sawmill, etc. It can take a long time to get past the odds, but the constructional side of V Rising has been thought long, broad, and cross-legged and we’re regularly surprised by the developers’ creativity. Moreover, the game requires a large amount of resources to build its castle and it is preferred to go on adventure with many people. You can be sure that you will grow for hours! However, it must be emphasized that the heart of the castle must be supplied regularly. So, like any MMO, it’s a good idea to recheck V Rising daily to make sure it doesn’t fall apart (or get attacked by other players).

One night in hell (and not only)

V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite?

Despite the number of items to manage (day/night, construction, inventory, equipment…), V Rising is a solid business that we are learning little by little to undo its complexity. The gameplay during the combat sequences is very effective (obviously taken from cult titles like Diablo) and the offensive and defensive aspects are enriched as you progress, particularly by defeating bosses or minor bosses (Tréant, Golem of Stone, Gavyn the crooked dealer…). The player also encounters many powerful creatures that directly affect the mission! For example, by eliminating an alpha wolf (which appears randomly), it is then possible to dress up as a wolf and thus advance among the creatures of the forest. V Rising is a compendium of surprises and a totally enjoyable experience, whether you’re playing PVE (or PvE – PvE) or PVP (or PvP – PvP) – with vampire clans clashing. However, it’s best to play with PVE to get started as the players are already massive in PVP.

The futuristic mixer for stitches and steam?

If the V Rising experience was so much fun, it’s also thanks to its realization. From its artistic direction to its visual versatility to its looks, Stunlock’s title commands respect for Early Access work. However, not everything is perfect, and the estimated twelve-month period before the official release of the game will not be too much to solve the problems inherent in the genre. Thus, despite the zoom function, the focal length sometimes tends to stop in unlikely places, preventing a clear view of the action. Another improvement point would probably relate to the battles which are a bit weak at the moment. Finally, farming is a good thing, but the amount of resources required (for each of the constructions) is so great that we wouldn’t say no to rebalancing. The developers will work on many aspects anyway, but they can be satisfied with the work done. V Rising is an attractive and well-made game that deserves its current success. If you have acquaintances of this kind and you love vampires, you can allow yourself to chew!

V Rising: The new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to bypass Fortnite?


strength point

  • Vampire in the grip of the sun
  • Playing between tradition and modernity
  • blood type traits
  • Technically very solid
  • very successful atmosphere
  • Its mix of MMO, action and survival
  • the richness of its traditions
  • Remarkable stability in Early Access

Weak points

  • A camera that sometimes interferes with the ability to read the event
  • Too many resources kill the resource
  • Battles are still a bit soft

V Rising comes from just about anywhere, and it’s definitely a promising title. The person who is about to do a Fortnite quest on Twitch has all the addictive gameplay! Its traditions, its vampires, its clans…everything is done to make the experience unforgettable! Whether you’re a fan of PVE or prefer the friendliness of PVP, Stunlock Studios’ action is adorned with very original mechanics while drawing on the well-known cliché of hack’n slash in ‘Ancient. Beautiful, engaging, innovative and combining the best of all worlds of sandbox and survival game, it promises to be a small phenomenon destined to continue. The twelve months away from the official release will allow the development team to improve every aspect of the title by bringing in new layers of gameplay. We rejoice in advance!

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