Thanks to this cleaning software, your Mac is up to 3 times faster

Is your Apple computer starting to slow down? With Intego’s Washing Machine, you can restore the speed of early days and extend its life.

Over time, computers tend to slow down. This is a job. If you have an Apple computer in this situation and you are not sure how to solve this problem, then look no further, the solution is called Intego’s Washing Machine. This cleaning software gives a second life to your Mac by cleaning it.

So why invest in a new computer, when you can easily improve your machine? If you normally have to pay €49.99 to get it, this weekend the Intego washing machine is only €19.99. The good news is that it’s a lifetime license, not a subscription.

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Concretely, this means that once you buy it, the software is completely yours and you can use it as many times as you want. An important point to emphasize because other software publishers of this type offer a monthly or yearly subscription which is ultimately more expensive. Here you pay only once and enjoy all the benefits of an Intego washing machine for life!

Intego washing machine: The best way to speed up your Mac

As you understand, here Intego offers an effective and inexpensive solution to restore its beginnings speed to your Apple computer. Especially since with the price that the washing machine is offered, you have everything to know that the latter is capable of accelerating the speed of your Mac up to 3x. But how exactly does it. Well, the washing machine, once installed on your Mac, analyzes the hard drive of the latter.

Then it searches for all the unnecessary or outdated files, applications and programs that you don’t use or use very rarely which can be safely removed. Once listed, the washer prepares a full report and presents it to you so you can confirm deleting the ones you choose in order to free up disk space.

Because in case you didn’t know, disk space saturation is the main reason your PC, Mac or Windows is slow for that matter. Also know that it is not necessary to perform this analysis every day. Once every quarter is enough to make sure your system is up and running well. This is the principle of this program. You pay once and use it on schedule for a fast, up-to-date system.

Mac Premium Bundle X9: The most complete Mac solution on the market

If you also want your washer cleaning software to secure your Mac, you can turn to Intego’s All-in-One solution. For information, Intego is famous all over the world for its antivirus – which is also included in a package that includes all the manufacturer’s software. Baptized Mac Premium Bundle X9 from Intego is the ultimate package that integrates washer, antivirus, software that takes care of cloud backups automatically and parental control.

Today, the Mac Premium Bundle X9 costs €29.99 per year (instead of €84.99 currently). So you can be sure that you get the best security and optimization software for your Mac. For as little as €30 a year, it’s clearly the best option you can make. If your budget allows, we recommend you to go for this Mac Premium package.

To give you an idea of ​​the effectiveness of its software, know that Intego offers a 30-day trial period. In addition, all subscriptions are non-binding. Which means you can cancel it whenever you want, at no additional cost. And as far as the washing machine is concerned, this question simply does not appear because it is a one-time purchase.

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Discover the washing machine

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