Live – War in Ukraine: Zelensky visited soldiers on the front line in Kharkiv – Liberation

Heavy fighting has raged in eastern Ukraine for control of the Donbass region, as Russian forces threaten the relentlessly bombed main city of Severodonetsk after Moscow announced on Saturday that it had captured the key town of Lyman.

In summary:

– Russian forces focus their offensive on Severodonetsk in the Donbass, which has been subjected to “constant bombardment” according to the mayor of this city of 100,000 inhabitants before the war.

– The Russians announced, on Saturday, the occupation of the locality of Lyman.

– During a phone conversation on Saturday, Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked Vladimir Putin to start Serious direct negotiations. With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

4:25 pm

The 27 discusses the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia. According to European sources, the member states of the European Union are discussing, on Sunday, the implementation of a new set of sanctions, the main action of which is an oil embargo by the end of the year. These new sanctions are blocked by Hungary, a landlocked country with no access to the sea, and dependent on oil that comes from Russia via a pipeline. Budapest is asking for a 4-year deferment and about 800 million euros in European funding to adapt its refineries. The solution examined in Brussels on Sunday would include excluding the pipeline in question from the embargo, in order to limit sanctions to the only supply of oil by boat. The package currently under discussion includes new sanctions against Russian banks and an extension of the EU blacklist to include new Russian personalities. According to these European sources, the process of searching for a compromise has accelerated in recent days in order to avoid not reaching an agreement in light of the summit of heads of state and government that will meet in Brussels on Monday and Tuesday.

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan is still hesitant about Sweden and Finland joining NATO. Speaking to reporters on his plane during a trip to Azerbaijan, the Turkish president said on Sunday that talks last week with Sweden and Finland over their NATO membership did not take place. ‘at the required level’. Its spokesman Ibrahim Kalin had already announced on Friday, after a meeting with Swedish and Finnish delegations, that Turkey was not ‘Not pressed for time’ Regarding potential membership. “We are determined to ensure that the process is moving forward on a solid footing and that it is progressing in accordance with the measures taken to address Turkey’s security concerns.”, He said. The candidacy of the two Nordic countries to join NATO raises tension among the member states, especially Ankara, which is sticking to its position. Erdogan in particular accuses Stockholm and Helsinki of harboring members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Turkey’s historical enemy. The organization has also been designated as a terrorist by the United States and the European Union.

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Volodymyr Zelensky visited his troops in Kharkiv. For the first time since February and Russia’s invasion of his country, the Ukrainian president visited the front lines, outside the capital, Kyiv, the Ukrainian presidency said. “2229 buildings demolished in Kharkiv and the region”Zelensky wrote on Facebook, posting a video in which he exchanges with soldiers. “Everything will be renewed, executed and brought back to life.”a promise. “You’re risking your life for all of us and our country.”He also informed the soldiers, according to the website of the Office of the President of the Republic, adding that he distributed congratulations and gifts. The northeastern city has been the scene of heavy fighting since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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Serbia extends its agreement with Moscow for three years to receive gas at low prices. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Sunday the extension of his agreement to supply Russian gas at low prices for a period of three years. According to him, it is “By far the best deal in Europe”. Serbia, a candidate to join the European Union, has been close to the Kremlin since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Belgrade, while denouncing Russian aggression at the United Nations, refused to join European sanctions against Moscow. With this new agreement, Serbia’s almost complete dependence on Russia was reaffirmed. Aleksandr Vucic also said he and Vladimir Putin had discussed by phone the extension of storage capacity in his country.

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For the Russian ambassador in London, accusations of war crimes are “slander”. The Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom Andrei Kelin, a guest on the BBC’s “Sunday Morning”, has rejected accusations of war crimes against the Russian army. He called these accusations “manufacturing”. He also denied that Russian forces bombed civilians in Ukraine. International observers have noted numerous war crimes-like actions since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. In Bucha, mass graves and mass graves were discovered after the departure of the Russian army.

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In Lithuania, fundraising ended in three days to deliver a military drone to Ukraine. Lithuanians have raised more than 5 million euros in a public bid to buy a military drone for Ukraine. Funds for a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone were raised within three and a half days, during a fundraising drive that ended late Saturday night in this Baltic nation of 2.8 million people. This is perhaps the first time in history that citizens of one country can purchase such heavy weapons and donate them to another.said influencer Andrios Tabinas, founder of the local online channel Laisves TV, which spearheaded the initiative. The chain indicated that it will transfer the collected funds to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, which in turn will take care of the purchase of the drone and the necessary ammunition. Defense Minister Arvidas Anosuskas confirmed Sunday that his deputy will leave for Turkey early next week to sign a letter of intent to purchase.

12:44 PM

Russian Patriarch Kirill “understands” the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow branch, announced on Friday its separation from Russia due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, saying ‘complete independence’ Russian spiritual authorities, a historical initiative. “We fully understand the current suffering of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and we understand that His Beatitude Metropolitan Onofrios (the head of this church, editor’s note) and his bishop should act in the most wise way so as not to complicate the lives of believers “Patriarch Kirill responded during a mass at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on Sunday. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, he said, however, to pray for the absence of an obstacle “temporary” I can not ‘destroying spiritual unity’ Of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples.

12:00 pm.

The delivery of German weapons was long overdue. Despite promises, Germany provided almost no weapons for nine weeks.. This is the title of an article published this Sunday by Wilt am Sonntag, who argues that the country has only delivered two shipments to the Ukrainian military since the end of March. And that these supplies are for light weapons only. “Between March 30 and May 26, only two shipments of arms to the federal government were delivered to Ukraine, He writes for the German newspaper. Both contain only small devices.” Either, according to the documents you got Wilt am SonntagAnd the 3,000 anti-tank mines and 1,600 anti-tank guided mines. The German newspaper also indicated the delay ins Delivery of 30 Gibbard anti-aircraft tanks, announced at the end of April. The first half of this arsenal will be delivered only at the end of July. On May 17, Chancellor Olaf Schultz explained that the reason was the presence of these tanks ‘Had to be prepared’. In fact, the training of Ukrainian soldiers in their use was delayed above all else.


In Kherson, no referendum on joining Russia as long as there is fighting. Kirill Strimosov, the Russia-appointed governor of the occupied city of Kherson in southern Donbass, said the region would not hold a referendum on official Russian membership until the fighting stopped in Kherson and in the neighboring Odessa and Mykolaiv regions. There is currently no attack, Kirill Strimosov told Reuters on Saturday “No discussion about the referendum”. “We will announce later when some kind of vote or referendum will take place, but it will not be today, and it will not be tomorrow because our first task is to restore order and organize the administration system in the Kherson region”, says Kirill Strimosov. Since the arrest of Kherson at the beginning of March, the Ukrainian authorities are afraid of organizing such an organization ‘Fake referendum’ from association with Russia, while the city was the target of a forced Russification march.

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The health situation in Severodonetsk is deteriorating. “The Russians have brought a lot of means to break into the city, but they can’t do that yet.”, confirms to the mayor of Severodonetsk, Alexander Stryuk. The city councilman is concerned about the health situation in his city of 100,000 people before the outbreak of the war. The ‘continuous bombardment’ And he wrote Saturday evening on his account on Telegram, greatly complicating the supply – especially drinking water – to the city, which has been without electricity for more than two weeks. Activity Humanitarian Aid Center He said the city has been suspended.

9:20 am

The noose is closing in on Severodonetsk. On the 95th day of the war, the Russian noose was tightened in the Donbass mining basin, particularly around Severodonetsk where “The enemy carried out offensive operations.”According to a report of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army published on Sunday. “Russia used all its means to seize Severodonetsk or prevent any contact between the region and Ukraine”said Saturday evening on his account on Telegram, Sergei Gadic, Governor of the Luhansk region. “Next week will be very difficult”He admitted, however, saying that the Russian forces “They will not be able to achieve everything they plan in the near future.”.

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