Mubasher – Ukraine: Six killed in Russian shelling in Severodonetsk last night

The Russian Patriarch says he “understands” the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s decision to separate from Moscow

On Sunday, Russian Patriarch Kirill affirmed his “understanding” of the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which this week declared separation from Russia due to the Russian attack on its Ukrainian neighbor.

“We fully understand the current suffering of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and we understand that His Beatitude Metropolitan Onofrios (the head of this church, editor’s note) and his bishop should act in the most wise way so as not to complicate the life of their faith. People ”, said Patriarch Kirill, during Mass in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia said, however, to pray that there would be no “temporary” obstacle that could “destroy the spiritual unity” of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples.

“We will defend the city to the end”: Severodonetsk rules out a possible evacuation of buildings “in the short term”

Russian pressure is increasing but the population is not letting go. The head of the Severodonetsk region of the Lugansk region wanted to be featured on BFMTV on Sunday, saying he wanted to “defend the city to the end”.

Roman Vlasenko admitted that the “situation is complicated” in the Ukrainian city, which was largely bombed by the Russians, spoke of the shooting of “24 out of 24”, “a lot of destruction and a lot of dead.”

“Today, we are more or less in control of the situation in the city,” he asserted, ruling out “in the short term” the possibility of evacuating the city.

Six dead in Russian bombings in Severodonetsk, says municipality

Six people were killed in Russian strikes in Severodnotsk in eastern Ukraine, Roman Vlasenko, head of the Severodonetsk region of Luhansk region, reported on BFMTV on Sunday.

“There are six dead tonight,” he said softly.

The city was heavily bombed by the Russians, who concentrated their efforts in the east of the country.

Race against time in Ukraine to ‘preserve’ historic buildings targeted by Russian strikes

Shells and missiles have rained down Ukrainian cities since the beginning of the war, claiming lives and also damaging historic buildings. Cultural services strive to preserve its memory using the latest technology and 3D scanning.

Among them is the French engineer Emmanuel Durand, a specialist in 3D data acquisition, who works to preserve the memory of a fire station built in 1887 using a laser scanner.

“It allows a building’s physical position to be anchored in history. It can be used to see what has been moved for security. To help figure out what may or may not be restored, but also for musical or historical aspects,” he explains.

“People today realize that cultural heritage is important when we didn’t pay attention to it” before the war, said Tetiana Bilipchuk, a member of the committee responsible for identifying damaged historical sites.

French engineer Emmanuel Durand, who specializes in collecting 3D data, records the physical memory of a fire station dating back to 1887 damaged by Russian strikes in Kharkiv, May 26, 2022 © Dimitar Delkov – AFP

The city of Severodonetsk was bombed for several days

A symbol of the fierce fighting still going on in the Donbass, the city of Severodonetsk has been the target of bombing for several days.

“The army is simply destroying the city,” said the governor of the Luhansk region, Sergei Gaidai, on his Telegram account.

However, Russian and separatist forces say humanitarian access is still possible, he said.

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Donbass is still the scene of violent clashes

Fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces are still trying to take full control of the Donbass mining basin after seizing the main locality of Lyman, Moscow announced on Saturday.

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