‘We’ll put everything we’ve got’: Dream Final between Tango and Lyonnaises, first match tonight at Prado

It’s hard to dream of a better poster to end the Women’s League season. After two exercises disrupted by the health crisis, the tournament has resumed its normal course in recent months. And attending a struggle between Borg Basket, the most successful club in the competition (14 crowns), and Léon Asvel, the ambitious newbie since the arrival of Tony Parker as president and champion in 2019, is not lacking in salt, as both will be internationals and champions. People all over the field.

excellent Lyon Asvel coach Pierre Vincent, on the eve of the start of the Premier League final: “Borg is everyone’s favourite”

“I haven’t had many dream finals, as long as there has been a Bourgeois…” Tango tried to put Tango Iliana Rupert into perspective after Monday night’s qualifier win over Basket Landes. His coach Olivier Lafarge shared the same sentiments: “I understand that for journalists, for the general public, it is important that it is Bourget – Lyon. But I do not care. We will face a team with advantages and we have to manage to reduce them.”

Compete in a healthy mode.

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Despite everything, there is an understandable enthusiasm. And to see the 4,000-plus spectator tape for this first match, this evening (8:30 p.m.) at the Prado Sports Hall, is perfectly reasonable. “It will be interesting to promote women’s basketball,” said Marin Yohannes, French champion with TBB in 2018 and Lyonnaise since 2019.

excellent The 3 reasons why Tango Iliana Rupert left Bourges

From ancient Tango to Asvel, there are many. On the floor (Marin Yohannes, Alexia Chartreau, Helena Siak, Sarah Chevignon, Ingrid Tancray and Kayla Alexander), but also on the bench with Pierre Vincent, France’s quadruple champion with FC Berroyer. Which caused Berry president Agnès St-Ges to say that if this final were to oppose two ambitious teams, “the rivalry will remain healthy”.

“This first match can make us take a first step towards what we want”

First in the regular season with a near-perfect record (20 wins and two losses), “Borg is the favourite” for this final according to the Rhone technician. However, his team gained momentum during the latter stage, with no losses in the quarter against Roch Fendi and in the half against Villeneuve-d’Ascq.

For his part, TBB had to resort to a third axe match against Lattes/Montpellier and then Basketlands. But each time, Elodie Godin and her partners managed to force the decision to ascend to the next round. And the fact that these crucial meetings were played in the Prado, where Bourget has not lost since October, had an effect. “The advantage of the field in the play-off match is important, confirms Ileana Robert. Since the beginning of the finals, we have won at home and lost away. The fans have a key role.”

Each match will have its history and its share of adventures.

In this final, Tango will still have the land advantage. The first two matches, tonight and Tuesday, will take place in the Prado, as will the fifth and ultimately decisive meeting. Exactly, does the fact that the final is in five matches have an impact on the way to go? “No, because we’re not in the medium or long term, as Olivier Lafarge explains. We can’t keep things in our pockets and tell ourselves we’re going to take them out in game three, for example. This first match can really take us a step toward what we want. So we’ll put All we have. And after that, you have to be able to adapt because every match will have its history and its share of adventures.”

Fifteenth title on the horizon

Winner of the Eurocoupe at the beginning of April and the final in the Coupe de France at the end of April, Bourges Basket had already had a rich season. Tango will not sign an unprecedented treble, but they would like to further decorate the club’s bid with the 15th French champion. “This team has the heart, the courage and the desire to achieve our goals,” appreciates Agnès St-Ges. Which also points to a major challenge: “The Champion title will also provide a direct ticket to the Euroleague next season. And if winning the 15th title is important, it is.” Make room for the show!

Nicholas Werkin

systems. The Women’s League Final is the best match out of five. The team that wins three matches will be crowned champion of France, and at the same time, it will validate its ticket to the Euroleague (the largest European competition) next season.

Awards. Many nicknames. If Lyon ASVille is the most successful club in French basketball, it is mainly due to the men’s division. The men were crowned champions of France twenty times, while the girls were crowned champions only once: in 2019. That year, Lyon took over from Bourges … the most successful club in French women’s basketball (with fourteen coronations).

the tickets. Online or over the counter. It is still possible to obtain tickets for the finals, which are held in the Prado. Prices: €10 per match, €15 per package including tonight’s matches and Tuesday’s matches. To do this, go to the Tango Bourges Basket online ticket office, or at the ticket offices, this evening, from 7 pm.

Broadcasting television and the web. All final matches will be broadcast live on Sport in France. Obviously, tonight’s meeting, like everyone in the Prado, will follow live with a commentary on www.leberry.fr from 8:30 pm.

a program. Two meetings in the Prado to start. today. Match 1: Bourg Basket – Lyon Asville, at the Prado, 8:30 p.m.; Tuesday. Match 2: Bourg Basket – Lyon Asville, in the Prado, 8:45 p.m.; Saturday 4th June. Match 3: Lyon Asville – Bourg Basket, at Madou Bonnet, 4:15 p.m.; Monday 6 June (if necessary). Match 4: Lyon Asvel-Bourg Basket, at Madou Bonnet, 8:45pm; Thursday, June 9 (if necessary). Match 5: Bourg Basket – Lyon Asville, in the Prado, 8:45 pm.

stars. Nine Olympic medalists. Looking at the winners of the world’s most famous competition shows just how abundant the talent is on Prado land. Nine players have already won an Olympic medal. Three of the Beroyers family (Sarah Michele, Indy Meim and Eliana Robert) and three Leones (Alexia Chartreau, Helena Siak and Marin Yohannes) won bronze with Les Bleues last summer in Tokyo. On the Tango side, Elodie Godin and Isabel Yacobo won the silver in 2012, while Aleksandra Krvendakic won the bronze with Serbia in 2016. The coaches have not been left out since Pierre Vincent was Braquez coach in 2012 and Olivier Lafarge, Valerie Garnier’s last assistant . the summer. Finally, Alex Duchette, who was injured and lost to Bourges, was part of the adventure in Japan this summer. Fifty rich seasons. Tonight, Borg will play his 50th official match of the season in all competitions (LFB, Euroleague Qualifiers, Eurocup and Coupe de France). Lyon Asvel, playing eight fewer. Olivier Lafarge noted: “We have reached the end of all the competitions we played. Yes, it is exhausting, but it is also very exhilarating. People will talk to me about fatigue, I will talk about the enthusiasm, the adrenaline and the joy of playing these matches.”

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