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In the thirty-three years of its existence St Andrews Links Cup French was never crowned. Many of them came close to winning like Rudy Theiler In 2008, the second hit for Scottish winner Kerr McNicol. Victor Ferri Fourth in 2016, or Thomas Perot And the Roman LangaskSixth place in 2017 as wellEdward Spain in 2012. In two entries in this prestigious competition, Gregory Schwepp Stand out in the legendary “House of Golf” courses. In fact, the player from Bordeaux finished first in 2013 alongside England’s Ryans Evan with a total of 211 before scoring a hat-trick in the first slot of the last round at the old court, finally placing him in ninth (288):” You dragged him like a cannonball during the whole matchadmits. I remember when I planted my tee at the beginning of my survey, in front of the huge old and royal building, my heart was beating at 200! »

Despite recurring wrist pain for months, Grégoire Schwabe entered the St. Andrews Links Cup the following year. ” It was bad weather on Rico’s day at the new stadium, which I’ve never played before. It was the end of the world. When I finished it, with Clément Sordet and Julien Braun, I realized I hadn’t taken any notes. So I decided to take a local can for the first round. » And perhaps the latter has never forgotten this standard game tested by Grégoire Schoeb, author of 60 (-11) thanks to seven birds and two eagles!

as in a dream

Grégoire Schoeb shows his score on the board at St Andrews Club.

I started very strong with two sparrows (1 and 3) The Eagle in 2 “limp” wedge shotthe French sets the former No. 1 (46 in WAGR). I planted a rescue shot for a second four-meter eagle at level 5 of an 8 for another eagle. I was literally ecstatic. I didn’t miss a hit under four meters except for 11 (total 24 points). After a new birdie at 12, I had shot a wedge at 15. I found myself in an -8 which had never happened to me before. At the age of 16, I had put my face on a 3 and then aimed at the middle of the green and nine meters from the hole, my ejection fell. On the seventeenth day, the wind was behind my back and the flag lay behind a green bunker. Not playable. My ball jammed fifteen yards from the hole and I checked the hit. Thomas Detre, my partner, was laughing (-10). ” On the last hole, shaped like a 4 with a hill on the green, the flag was on the bottom. But, there was beyond the bounds. I hit a 7-iron piston on top of the mound that rested six meters from the flag. I was at -10 and said to myself: Push your legs. Despite the steep right-to-left incline, the ball returned with a full hole. It was amazing. Everything happened like a dream. It remains my biggest pride. When I left the recording, there were already three Scottish journalists who had come to interview me. I was in first place before those chasing four strokes. But the next night, I didn’t sleep a wink. The next morning, in the driving field, everyone came to congratulate me. But I soon returned to Earth. A strong wind blew and I completed ten holes of the second round in the storm (79). »

Grégoire Schoeb, with a score of 74 and 73 on the Old Court, continued on Sunday, 25th (286): “ I would not trade this day in St Andrews for anything in the world, Bordelais adds. She scored again – 11, last year, during qualification for Group B of the second division at Bordeaux, with an average of 67. On the same day, in the Swiss Challenge, Spaniard Alejandro del Rey sent 58 (eight birds and three eagles) Equal 72. At the end of his second St. Andrews Links Cup, Grégoire Schwepp put off the season to have an operation on his wrist in October, keeping him off the lanes and practices for six months. Bordeaux resumed in March 2015 with a third place in the Moche Cup before winning Junuelo with the Bordeaux LAC team at St-Nom-la-Brêche. this year, Ugo MalcorAnd the Paul Buffy And the Alexander Decord He will try to become the first Frenchman to put his name on the prestigious list of the Scottish Championship.

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