A French journalist was killed in the Lugansk region

The evacuation of civilians near Severodonetsk, eastern Ukraine, has been halted after a French journalist was killed and wounded by shrapnel, the head of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration Sergei Haiday announced Monday, May 30, 2022.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, confirmed the death of our colleague during the bombing and offered his condolences to his relatives:

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This is Frédéric Leclerc-Imhof, a 32-year-old freelance reporter who collaborated with BFM TV, which he had adopted. It was contacted earlier this afternoon that the TV channel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are waiting to inform the family before publishing the information.

In the afternoon, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne also responded: “The media should cost no life”, hung.

“The Russian army was going to shoot an evacuation car”

On Twitter, Reporters Without Borders relayed the information around three in the evening without revealing his identity, “While his family and colleagues are being informed.”

Reporters Without Borders Secretary-General Christophe Deloire provided some additional details: According to our information, the journalist was killed on the road between Lyschansk and Bakhmut, in the Lugansk Territory. It was alleged that the Russian army fired at the evacuation car in which the journalist was, and the bullet penetrated the shield. Our colleague was shot in the neck. »

“BFMTV” editorial board is in mourning

Just before 5 pm. BFM-TV She announced the death of her collaborator. Opening editor Patrick Seuss was invited live, specifying that the photo reporter and his colleague had left the city of Kramatorsk to follow a humanitarian convoy that was scheduled to make a round-trip to Lysichansk. And there was bombing. And if the truck was not directly hit, the shrapnel pierced the armored windshield. He was wearing a heavy helmet and flak jacket. » The journalist who covered this trip with him, “He who was in the back of the cabin, had a leg injury, but he is fine. Like the Ukrainian mediator who accompanied them.”

“His second mission was to Ukraine,” Marc-Olivier Vogel added. The general manager of the channel, who was carried on the air, said that he called the reporter’s mother to tell her the horrific news: “The editorial staff is in mourning. Our teams have been on the ground for three months, and three months we sleep poorly at night because it is complicated to have people on site. We are not the ones to take risks, but we are supposed to judge from afar who can do it and who can’t. »

A French-Irish journalist died in March

In March, reporters from the American channel Fox News They were shot in the car on Monday, March 14th in Horenka, near Kyiv. One of them died, the French-Irish photographer Pierre Zakrevsky, as well as the Ukrainian photographer who accompanied him. Eight journalists have died in the line of duty since the Russian invasion began.

The announcement of the death of this French journalist comes on the day of the visit of the new French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, to Kyiv. The latter was received by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

I spoke with the governor of Lugansk and asked President Zelensky to conduct an investigation. They assured me of their help and support. It is a double crime targeting a humanitarian convoy and a journalist.” Catherine Colonna tweeted.

War in Ukraine: French journalist killed in Lugansk region

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