How do I unsubscribe from Netflix?

Unsubscribe from Netflix via your computer

To opt out of Netflix, you can use a computer connected to the Internet. From your web browser, go to the official website of the SVOD platform.

Connect to your personal space by entering your username (phone number or email address), then enter your password. Then confirm with the “Login” button. Your account settings appear. Under the heading “Subscription and Billing” you will find the “Cancel Subscription” function. Just click on it. Then the system asks you to confirm. Depending on the show you’ve subscribed to, Netflix suggests that you review the cost of your subscription by choosing a package that adapts to your needs. In general, this is less expensive.

In the event that you do not want to change your mind, confirm your choice by pressing “Cancel Complete”. Netflix verifies that your request is supported and tells you the deadline to use its services. An email notification will be sent to you at the reference email address. Optionally, you can justify terminating your Netflix subscription. For example, a very high cost, a very slow Internet connection for this type of service, products with qualities considered insufficient or even a more attractive competitive offer. All you have to do is click Finish.

Unsubscribe from Netflix via your phone

To opt out of Netflix, another solution is to complete the process from a mobile device, whether it’s iOS or Android.

Unsubscribe from Netflix from a smartphone or tablet

From your smartphone or tablet, launch the SVOD platform application. For a computer, introduce yourself the same way. On the main page, pull the menu down and highlight the “Account” option. The system automatically connects you to the official website. The procedure for continuing to cancel your Netflix subscription is similar to the above. Only validation and navigation with touch function change. Given the display capabilities and size of your screen, the different interface and steps remain the same.

Special case: Unsubscribe from Internet TV receiver

If you withdraw your Netflix subscription from your internet offer, such as Orange or SFR, you must start the cancellation procedure from your TV. There are two possible solutions: connect to the Netflix website or access your equipment settings. You need to go to your TV options. Please note that any termination of your Internet subscription requires the transfer of your associated services to a new device. In case of incompatibility with the latter, you will have to cancel the subscription.

Can you reactivate your Netflix subscription?

After you terminate your Netflix offer, it is possible to reactivate your subscription. If you change your mind before the end of the current month, go to your account settings. Your IDs are still valid prior to final removal to access related options and services. The “Subscription and Billing” submenu includes a “Reactivate Subscription” button. Click on it without further formalities. Other than the “unsubscribe” function, there is no confirmation request. Support is immediate.

As an indication, Netflix retains information about your access history for 10 months of your action. During this time period, you have the possibility to re-subscribe while restoring your personal data. This applies to your contact details, payment methods, ratings and recommendations for your preferences for series, films, documentaries or animations. After 10 months, Netflix subscription activation is no longer possible. You must then sign up for a new offer.

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