Live – Zelensky says “all vital infrastructure was destroyed” in Severodonetsk

Eurovision 2022: The winning Kalush Group auctioned its trophy for $900,000 to support Ukraine

A few weeks after its victory at Eurovision 2022, in a climate marked by the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra sold its trophy at an auction for the Ukrainian army for $900,000, roughly 839,000 euros, according to the Ukrainian. Eurovision’s Instagram page.

The amount collected for the award in the form of a microphone should allow the purchase of PD-2 UAVs for the Kyiv Armed Forces.

In addition to the trophy, the popular pink pop that the singer of the band wore during his performance was put up for sale for Ukraine.

Members of the Kaloch Orchestra a few minutes after their victory © Marco Bertorello – AFP

Extraordinary summit in Brussels: Zelensky will address the Europeans on Monday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is scheduled to deliver a video address from Kyiv on Monday to European leaders meeting in Brussels for an extraordinary summit dedicated to his country. New sanctions against Moscow are included in the list of the twenty-seven meeting.

In addition to the oil embargo, the sanctions package aims to exclude Russian banks from the international financial system SWIFT, and provide aid to Ukraine of up to nine billion euros in 2022.

Wheat shortage: EU chief of diplomacy believes Putin is ‘using wheat as a weapon of war’

While the issue of Ukrainian wheat is at the center of concerns and debates in Europe, Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, accused Vladimir Putin of “using (Iran’s) wheat as a weapon of war”, on Monday on FranceInfo.

He called that “there are 20 million tons of wheat stored in Ukraine. It must be exported and brought to where people consume it and make way for future crops,” referring to discussions to establish corridors for exporting the produced wheat.

Ukrainian ports are currently closed by the Russians and export has become impossible. 12% of world grain exports come from Ukraine.

European embargo on Russian oil: the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell stressed that “in the end, we will have an agreement”

While discussing the issue of a ban on Russian energies within the European Union, Josep Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, said he was optimistic about the 27 countries’ ability to reach an agreement, on Monday on FranceInfo, ensuring that “in the end we will have an agreement “.

“We have to decide unanimously … there are negotiations and we will continue to work,” he said.

Ukraine raises a “very difficult” situation in the Severodonetsk region as the Russians advance

Ukraine is talking about a “very difficult” situation in the Severodonetsk region, while the Russians are advancing in the region, according to its governor.

Ukraine says it is regaining strength from the Russians near Kherson

And the Ukrainian army, in an update published last night from Sunday to Monday, claimed that it is advancing in the Kherson region, near the villages of Andreyevka, Lozov and Beloherka that have been in the hands of the Russians since the start of the invasion.

“Kherson, wait, we are close!” So said the Ukrainian General Staff on its Facebook page.

There was no comment from the Russian side initially regarding Kyiv’s allegations regarding the “establishment of defensive lines” by Russian forces around Kherson.

If Kherson fell into the hands of Kyiv, it would be a powerful symbolic advance, since this region had been completely occupied by the Russian army since its offensive on February 24.

Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna to visit Kyiv and Bucha on Monday

A very symbolic first trip. BFMTV has learned that Secretary of State Catherine Colonna is in Ukraine on Monday. She is the first member of the French government to visit the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion, which began on February 24, 2022, 96 days ago.

She will go to Butch, the place of extortion of Russian soldiers, and she also has to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Zelensky says that “all critical infrastructure has already been destroyed” in Severodonetsk

The Russian forces, having withdrawn from the Kharkiv region and redeployed in the south, advanced towards the main cities of Severodonetsk, relentlessly bombarding Lyschansk, its twin city, in the Donbass.

Located on both sides of the Siversky Donets, it is threatened by encirclement by Russian forces and pro-Russian separatists, who seek to establish complete control of the Donbass mining basin.

In Severodonetsk, “the enemy carried out offensive operations”, according to the staff of the Ukrainian army. According to Governor Gaïdaï, the offensive continues in the city with street fighting.

“All basic infrastructure has already been destroyed. 90% of the houses are destroyed. More than two-thirds of the houses in the city are completely destroyed”, enumerated by President Zelensky in his daily speech, referring to the “continuous bombing”.

NATO believes it has the right to deploy its forces in Eastern Europe

NATO Vice President Mircea Guyana appreciated this Sunday Only in the context of the Russian invasion of UkraineNATO is no longer bound by its previous commitments to Moscow not to deploy its forces in Eastern Europe.

The Constitutive Act on NATO-Russia Relations, signed 25 years ago, provided, among other things, measures aimed at “preventing any concentration of conventional forces”, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

But by attacking Ukraine and cutting off all dialogue with the alliance, Russia itself has “nullified the substance of the founding act,” Mircea Giwana asserted in an interview with AFP in Vilnius.

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Germany will amend its constitution to strengthen its army

On Sunday evening, the conservative government and opposition in Germany reached an agreement to break the budget rules of the national constitution, in order to release 100 billion euros to modernize the army in the face of the Russian threat.

A compromise in this direction was registered after several weeks of difficult negotiations between the coalition parties – social democrats, environmentalists and liberals – and the conservative political family of former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The agreement will make it possible to fulfill the promise made by Chancellor Olaf Schultz at the end of February after the outbreak of the Russian offensive in Ukraine: The release of a special fund of 100 billion euros to rearm the country Over the next few years and modernization of the Bundeswehr, whose equipment has fallen into disrepair.

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Lavrov denies that Putin is ill

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied that President Vladimir Putin was ill, saying he had shown no signs of it.

President Putin’s health and private life are taboo topics in Russia, and they are almost never publicly discussed.

But in response to a question from the French TV channel TF1, Lavrov said in a statement: “I do not think that anyone with a clear head can see in this person (Putin) the signs of any illness or disease.”

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