The Chinese are ready to dismantle Elon Musk’s satellites

As Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet, has become a military communication tool, Chinese scientists are offering various solutions to monitor, hack or completely destroy it. The “hard” method with missiles does not appear to be preferable because it is expensive and dangerous.

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[EN VIDÉO] How many satellites orbit the earth?
2,787 satellites were in operation as of December 31, 2020 according to the UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists), and the United States has launched more than half of them. Three-quarters of the satellites in operation are in low orbit (between 500 and 2,000 km altitude), and are used for communications systems, ground imaging or meteorology.

troublemakers of new technologies with Tesla, SpaceXand Neuralink and soon Twitter, Elon Musk He was at the center of the conflict in Ukraine for three months. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the billionaire decided to help Ukraine by making it his own constellation from satellite star link To provide internet connection. A choice puts in his words, His life is in dangerand this Monday, we learned that he, too, is in the sight of China.

according to South China Morning NewspaperChinese scientists are currently working on “methods to destroy” satellites star link. the reason ? The US military relies on this constellation of satellites to increase the range Speed data transmission, in particular for combat aircraft and Drone From fighting it can be used in the future to follow Hypersonic missiles Like those available to Russia and China.

The ‘hard’ way or the ‘soft’ way?

One of the technology assets that China has been concerned about since Musk has now placed more than 2,000 satellites in it orbiting Bass, and that he plans to send twenty doubles! This report advocates “low-cost” but “high-return” methods for decommissioning this network. According to these researchers, Starlink represents “enormous potential forapps Military” and China should develop countermeasures to monitor, disable or even destroy this constellation.

according to South China Morning NewspaperChina is not likely to use the “hard” method with Rocket To destroy it, because it is very expensive, but also because the debris from such destruction can represent a great danger in space. So we prefer to orient ourselves towards the “soft” method using rays laser or jamming systems.

What if China created its own constellation

Thus, the scientists mentioned in their report the use of radio jammers – which can disrupt communications or completely fry electronic components – or lasers that The beam may blind the satellite sensor. China is already capable of disabling satellites, but individually. There, it’s a constellation, and it’s obviously more complex. This study already warns that turning off some satellites will not be enough to bring down Starlink because it is a “decentralized system”.

In the end, one of the recommended solutions would be to respond to Starlink by creating a similar network of small satellites, both to monitor the Elon Musk constellation but also to be able to quickly penetrate or disable a large part of the network. space war I just started…

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