War in Ukraine: Putin’s health, France’s role … Minister Sergey Lavrov’s facts about TF1

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, was invited to TF1 on Sunday evening. And he returned to the conflict in Ukraine, referring to the role of France. He also talks about the health of Vladimir Putin.

In the midst of the Ukrainian conflict, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, was invited to TF1 and LCI for an interview on Sunday, May 29. And in front of Bendoid Podol, the minister did not depart from the line that Russia had adopted since the beginning of the war. Sergio Lavrov, among other things, took up the terms “military operation”, returns to the state of health of Vladimir Putin, and expresses himself about France’s role in this conflict. Medidispatch make a point.

Russia “forced” to “defense”

The Russian foreign minister did not hesitate to portray Russia as a “victim” in the conflict he opposes against Ukraine. According to Sergei Lavrov, Russian troops were “forced” to go to Ukraine “to defend the population” as well as “the Russian language in Donbass.” He also claims that Kyiv would have posed a threat to Moscow if Ukraine approached NATO.

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In his remarks, this time there was no longer any question about attacking Kyiv but only “liberating” the regions in eastern Ukraine: “Our absolute priority is the liberation of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are now recognized by the Russian Federation as independent states,” asserts Lavrov, who refuses with That is the talk of “inclusion” of these two regions.

France accused of “playing an active role”

Asked about the peace negotiations, the minister emphasized that Russia would judge for itself “only European intentions on the basis of concrete actions.” Lavrov denounces “hysterical sanctions” from the beginning of the conflict: “The speed with which they were imposed and their scale certainly show that they were not written overnight. They were prepared long ago, and are unlikely to be lifted.” In the future, ”said the Septuagint. He also claims that these sanctions are aimed at “stifling Russia and preventing the creation of a multipolar world.”

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France plays an active role in #Ukraine. It feeds Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Naziism. We are sad to see this. France is actively working to arm Ukraine.”

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– TF1Info (@TF1Info) May 29 2022

He also insists on the need to “disarm Ukraine”: the minister believes that “there should be no more weapons in this country that threatens Russia.” Lavrov points the finger at France for its role in the conflict: “France is taking an active part in Ukraine. It is fueling Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Naziism. We are sad to see this. France is actively arming Ukraine.” Thus, the minister asserts, France is “nourishing Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Naziism.”

Vladimir Putin has cancer?

Sergey Lavrov strongly opposed reports that Vladimir Putin had cancer and would only live three years. The minister claimed that the Russian leader “appears in public every day” and continues: “I do not think that reasonable people can distinguish any symptoms of the disease in this man.”

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“As you know, President Putin appears in public every day. I do not think that reasonable people can distinguish any symptoms of the disease in this man.”

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– TF1Info (@TF1Info) May 29 2022

Just a few days ago, a Russian oligarch said that Vladimir Putin suffers from “leukemia” and that he underwent major surgery on May 12.

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