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Hot Marne Cup (Semi-finals)

Langres (section) beats Shomon (with distinction) 38 – 34

Langer. For this semi-final of the Haute-Marne Cup major, divisional champions Langrois welcome Team Chaumont, poorly ranked in the regional distinction. Langrois displays an almost complete squad, while Chaumont only displays seven players. Chaumontais were the first to hit Pauline and Bactu, successively making their strength and vitality speak for themselves. Langrois responds through Barbary, Demet, and Roumier (7-5, 10′). The Langrois team, with the help of the “Bonus Target” awarded for every four achievements, advance by five points (15-10, 21′). A slight relaxation allows visitors to approach at the break (17-14).

The match resumes but Langroa is not around and accumulates ball losses (17-17, 32 minutes). Roemer, Humbert and Carras breathe new life into the southern Haute-Marne (22-18, 36). Virgil Poinsett, goalkeeper Chaumont, is in good shape and stops many of Langroa’s attempts (27-26, 46 degrees). Thomas Govren’s men regained some air thanks to the “extra goals” and won the match (38-34). They qualify for the final to be held in Chevillon against the local “1” team.

women under 18

Hot Marne Cup (Qualifying Tournament)

Langres and Chevelon 22-22

The first game of the day saw Chomon win (18-15) over Chevelon. So Langroises can be content with winning their first match against Chevillon to make sure they go to the final. The girls of Alexander Remkevich drove quickly after five minutes (0-5) of play, for the same gap in the “ten minutes” (2-7). Led well by Yasmine Nawash, the Langroises gradually regained their lead, with a more aggressive defense and faster attacks (4-8, 14′). Langres winger Viollet-Francois and Lien Guillaume were sent in at the end and scored in turn, allowing them to come back in goal (9-10, 20). In the first half, Chevelon leads by three goals (9-12).

The Langroises return to the field with better intentions, and catch up with the Hillera Sisters (16-13, 31′). But Roman Faber and Nora Monchowski did not give up and helped their team draw (17-17, 35). “mano à mano” is set in the last minutes of a match. Langres is up front in the last minute, but manages his last possession very poorly. Mary Crisson tied twenty seconds left for Chevelon (22-22).

Shomon defeats Langer 29-26

After this draw, the Langres team, to qualify, must lose no more than three goals against Chomontes. The start of the match was balanced (3-3, 6), then Yasmine Nawash showed her speed to score four times, while Lolli Villard stopped the many shots from Shomon (4-7, 11). The end of the first half is balanced and Langer returns to the locker room with a difference of two goals (9-11). Returning to the field, Chomontese netted a “4-0” over Langres, thanks to May Fry and Julien Lefevre (13-11, 29). Alexiane Houiller allowed Langroises to stay in the game by grouping goals together (16-15, 32). With only six players on the field, the Sud Haut-Marnaises are starting to feel the physical blow. The Chaumontaises took the opportunity to take the lead through Lola Nicol (25-20, 40′, then 29-22, 45′). Eulalie Gigandet, who came in in the final minutes of the game in Langrois’ goals, is in good shape and taking three attempts from Chaumont (29-25, 49). The last goal of Yasmine Nawash, ten seconds before the end of time, raises the Langres team to three goals (29-26). The latter does not realize it immediately, but they join the Chaumontais in the final. In fact, both Chevillon and Langres have the same number of points, same goal difference, but Langroises made it to the final thanks to more goals scored in the day.

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between sections

Co Joinville and Champagne Lakes 15-15

Join Phil. The two teams left back-to-back at the end of the last day of the tournament, Saturday 28 May. Romaric Abbas and Andy Henry allow Gwenville to take a first “break” (4-1). Led, Lax Champagne responded and regained balance with a “triple” from Alex Movre (4-4). Andy Henry restores the advantage to the locals before the end of the first half (5-4).

The next 15 minutes (9-9) are contested, but Joinville takes the lead thanks to Indy Henry and Tom Tovinen (11-9). In the last quarter of the hour, Hugo Beudot and Alix Mauffrey set the counters back to zero (11-11). Armel Pierron’s teammates took a three-goal lead (14-11), but the “quartet” of Alix Mauffrey, late in the game, gave Lacs Champagne a tie (15-15).

Program for the 4th and 5th of June

Men’s D1 Challenge
Nogent / Val-de-Meuse – Chevillon / Pont-Varin “3”: Saturday 8 p.m., Cosec Pool.
Hot Marne Cup U-15 Men’s
Langres / Chalindrey – Chaumont: Saturday 4 p.m., gym. Bonnell, Langer.
Hot Marne Cup U13 Men’s
Froncles – Chaumont: Saturday 4:30 p.m., gym. Gilbert Perrin.
Joinville – Pont-Varin / Chevillon: Saturday 3 p.m., Fair-Play Sports Complex.
Male Section Under 11 – Excellence
Pont-Varin – Langres: Sunday 11 a.m., gym. From CES, Wassy.
Montier-Froncles: Saturday 2 p.m., Cosec.
Chevillon “2” – Nogent: Saturday 3:45 p.m., gym. Daniel Fourneret.
Male Administrative Under 11 Years – Honor
Chevillon – Val-de-Meuse: Saturday 2 p.m., gym. Daniel Fourneret.
Chaumont – Chalindrey: Sunday 10:30 a.m., gym. Sheep.

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