JLT Mobile Computers shares tips and best practices on how to choose the best rugged computer for optimal business productivity

The second expert guide from a leading provider of powerful mobile computing hardware and solutions for logistics, warehousing and other harsh environments, highlights the importance of looking beyond product specifications and pricing when purchasing powerful hardware

Vaxjo, Sweden, August 25 2020 * * * After 25 years in business, JLT Mobile Computers, a leading supplier of high-reliability computers for challenging environments, brings the benefits of its expertise into a series of guides designed to help new and existing customers make the right strategic technology decisions to improve their operations. The second guide in the series covers many aspects of choosing and buying the right powerful computer. It is available for free download here.

Compared to purchasing desktop computers or enterprise computers, choosing powerful computing equipment for mobile workers in harsh industrial environments requires consideration of many parameters that go beyond product specifications and price. Initial purchase. Each field operation is specific and has different requirements. Different types of technologies may or may not work with each other. Doing things right will increase productivity and motivate employees. Any mistake will have costly repercussions.

“Choosing the right computers and systems for mobile workers, on foot or in vehicles, requires complex thinking,” said Per Holmberg, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers Group. “They might need a device that’s small and easy to use, or one that’s mounted in a truck or on a forklift. It can rain, temperatures can be extreme, and sunlight can be a factor, plus battery life or running wireless networks. You can’t just buy Durable hardware based on specifications Computer is not everything Employees must feel comfortable with it Everything must work together and everything must be adapted to the processes to be performed At JLT we have been in the business for several decades We know How it works and we know what’s important. And in this guide, we share what we’ve learned about how to choose the right tools for our clients’ jobs.”

Entitled “How to Choose and Buy the Right Powerful Computers for Your Business,” the second free guide in the JLT series covers everything that matters to meet the computing needs of a mobile workforce with the right systems and equipment. This includes balancing wish lists with technological and operational realities. Determine the correct type of form factors and techniques. Facilitate testing and endorsement of employees. Investment protection and total cost of ownership appraisal.

The guide accompanies you through various important points and problems. How to identify the correct types of mobile computing equipment and the pros and cons of each type. How to adapt equipment to your work environment to pay only for the durability you really need. Learn about basic core elements such as display and touch technologies. Assess your appropriate height and weight, and make sure the device is suitable for the job you are doing. Energy needs analysis. Unlike desktops that simply plug in, the operation of laptops involves balancing factors such as weight, cost, size, lifecycles, and technology. Choose the right mobile connection, as it is much more complex than in the office or at work. Determine the actual processing performance needs; Don’t do too much or too little. Finally, learn the importance of accessories and peripherals as part of a successful mobile system.

To get the free guide and start learning what to look for and what to avoid when buying your next powerful hardware, visit https://jltmobile.com/guide-how-to-buy-rugged/? utm_campaign = rugged_device_guide_pr.

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