Minivan 7 and 9 seats: which one to choose?

As SUVs increasingly dominate the market, minivans are more suitable for families, here are the best models in 2022.

Minivans are less popular in the sales market. In 10 years, sales of these family cars have been Half. While these vehicles have been hit hard by the arrival of SUVs, they are still very popular among families. if The minivan is highlighted By manufacturers, some models remain especially practical for families and are very well equipped.

Why choose a minivan in 2022?

Contrary to popular belief, The minivan has good behavior on the road. Often derived from the chassis of compact cars or sedans, station wagons’ multiple powertrains allow for extended very good handling. These family models are also many More practical than an SUV. Minibuses are often available in a 7-seater version, sometimes as large as 9, and allow families to travel on long trips in complete safety.

Plenty of space on board, spacious trunk, driving comfort, attractive prices, a lot of arguments that still justify the purchase of these atypical models. While very few manufacturers offer hybrid or electric versions, they are still a few years old.

Which one do you choose?

Many models are available in the market. Below is a list of twelve minivans available on the market today.

  • Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic: These two five- or seven-seater cars are among the best-selling cars of the Renault brand. New generations are adopting the SUV style a bit, particularly with the new 20-inch tires installed on certain finishes. But the Scénic and Grand Scénic remain true pickup trucks with roominess built for families. It is equipped with Renault’s latest multimedia system, the R-Link 2.

trunk size: 572 liters for the Scénic and 765 liters for the Grand Scénic

new price: starting from €29,800 For Renault Scenic and €30,400 For Grand Scénic . Edition

  • Renault Espace: As with the Scénic models, the new generation Espace adopts a more SUV look. Well equipped and very flexible to drive, the new Renault Espace is very comfortable. Despite the appearance of an SUV, it retained its practicality for families. Also equipped with EasyLink multimedia system, it has many options

trunk size: 680 liters in the five-seat version (247 liters in the seven-seat version)

price : starting from €49,900

  • Ford S Max : S-Max is one of the largest MPVs. With a length of 4.8 meters, it is very practical for families. The interior remains fairly basic in the entry level finishes. But with its eight-speed automatic transmission, the S-Max proves nimble on the road. Designed to seat a real 7, it has everything to keep families satisfied.

trunk size: 700 liters in the 5-seater version (285 liters in the 7-seat version)

new price: €48,150

  • BMW 2 Series Active Tourer : While BMW introduced the all-new version of its Active Tourer at the start of the year, the German minivan is perhaps the best-equipped on the market. Smaller than the larger seven-seater family cars on the market, the Active Tourer, on the other hand, is much better equipped. A hybrid version consisting of additional components is also presented in the catalog. This luxurious minivan will appeal to families who do not want to leave the comfort.

trunk size: 645 liters

new price: starting from 28.050 EUR

  • Volkswagen Golf Sportvan The Volkswagen MPV is one of the most compact cars on the market. Equipped with the same body as the Golf, it delivers virtually flawless control. Associate this with the Volkswagen DSG 7 gearbox, and you’ll have a car with a cut on the road. Well-equipped and equipped with a large tailgate, this mini MPV is particularly practical.

trunk size: 500 liters

new price: starting from 28,575 €

  • Toyota Prius: The Prius is one of the few plug-in hybrid MPVs on the market. The Family Edition, which climbs up to 7 seats with the Prius + finish, is just like the Classic Edition. Equipment and handling change a little. We can regret a slightly sluggish gearbox. Convenient, it allows a fairly low consumption compared to its competitors.

trunk size: 500 liters in 5-seater version

new price: starting from €30,300

  • Volkswagen Touran The Touran is the most popular minibus under the Volkswagen brand. Neither too small nor too big, they provide high standard services at reasonable price. Well-equipped, including Apple Car Play and Android Auto systems, the Touran can accommodate up to 7 people. Even if this minivan is mainly intended to accommodate 5 people.

trunk size: 743 liters in 5-seater version

new price : starting from 33595 EUR

  • Volkswagen Sharan : Bigger than Turan, Sharan adopts the same Turan philosophy. It is intended for large families. With 7 seats, it is able to comfortably accommodate young and old. Fitted with a sliding door at the rear, everything is designed to make life easier for families. On the other hand, its price is higher than that of a Touran with similar equipment.

trunk size: 900 liters in the 5-seater version and 300 liters in the 7-seat version

new price: starting from €41,200

  • Citroen C4 Space Tourer and Grand Space Tourer : Citroën recently announced the end of its pickup trucks. Too bad, because the C4 Space Tourer was definitely the most versatile and complete MPV on the market. Good roominess, recognizable reliability, and a very large luggage compartment. The C4 Space Tourer (formerly C4 Picasso) can do it all. The Grand Space Tourer version is able to accommodate 7 people without difficulty.

trunk size: 630 liters for the C4 Space Tourer and 704 liters for the Grand Space Tourer

new price: starting from €28000

  • Ford Galaxy The Ford Galaxy is the largest pickup truck available from Ford. The third generation of MPV has developed very well. Measuring approximately 4.9 meters in length, it is the largest minivan available on the market. Equipped with the Sync 3 multimedia system, the Ford Galaxy offers, in some finishes, Wifi on board. The habitability is definitely the best on the market.

trunk size: 700 liters in the 5-seater version and 300 liters in the 7-seat version

new price: starting from €51950

  • Dacia Lodgy: The Dacia Lodgy is definitely one of the cheapest strollers on the market. Capable of easily accommodating 7 people, the Dacia is also fun to drive. Admittedly, the onboard equipment is primitive, but some high-end finishes allow access to a high-quality GPS.

trunk size: 827 liters in the 5-seat version and 207 liters in the 7-seat version

new price: starting from €19,000

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