We tested the introduction to golf at Evro to beat the cliches

Golf at Evro begins on the green line, which is the last straight line before the ball is placed. © Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux

Elitist, bourgeois, inaccessible… There are many qualifiers surrounding golf. Right or wrong, it’s a practice that seems reserved for a circle of doctors or business leaders. Therefore, when taking a club in hand on the occasion of the free start offered by the municipal golf courseEverrow (Eur), you swallowed up my own stereotypes.

With his smile, simplicity, and educative tone, the guy who coaches us on Sunday, May 22, 2022, Timothy Reese, has helped us a lot to see things from another angle. With a small point of vocabulary to start. “Access The Green color. It’s a very fast deck,” introduces our manager. This is where we’ll take our first steps.

From green to driving range

As in mini golf, the goal is to put the ball into the hole with the fewest number of strokes possible. It is equipped with hang around, one of the two main clubs out of the fourteen that can make a bag, which we are launching. Its surface is flat so that the ball can roll on it Green color Timothy Reese says.

Following the instructor’s instructions, we divide groups of three into each hole and each try their turn. Feet wide with the ball, eyes above it, I make a slight pendulum movement … and the shot goes off! A little too strong. I listened well, but practice gets harder and it becomes Green color It is actually very fast.

The second attempt is the most correct: the ball goes a little far, but I managed to put it in the hole, which is three or four meters, in four strokes. Marjorie and Mark, who completed the small group, managed to get it in two rounds on the second try. I’m a bit jealous to try a third ball under the coach’s eye. She is back now. After the victory dance (with all sobriety), we are all ready to exchange hang around Against the iron which allows us to send the ball farther.

Make the right gestures

Because we finally started. But before reaching Green color And to cut the last meters from the hole, the ball must leave the starting point, which can be more than 100 meters away. This is the case of hole number 18, for example, whose trajectory consists of a water point to fly over or around and a the basement (Sand trap) to be avoided. Not to mention the tall trees and grasses. If the experience is tempting, we will practice on a simpler hole.

“You shouldn’t hit the club too hard. The pressure should be three out of ten. You should relax your arms and hands.”

Timothy Reese, golf coach

But first, we have to learn how to hit the ball a reasonable distance. Equipped with a bucket of about forty balls and iron 9 (Theoretically allowing a good player to send a ball up to 110m), we go to Exercise (training field). In a row, everyone in their little green square, we listen to safety instructions (it is better to keep your distance from the neighbors or risk getting hit by the club) and follow the advice. “You shouldn’t hit the club too hard. The pressure should be three out of ten. You should relax your arms and hands,” poses Timothy Reese.

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Evro golf course
Before “hitting” the ball, we follow the instructions of our coach. © Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux
Evro golf course
It is not difficult to understand this gesture, but you need to listen carefully so as not to fall into a bad habit. © Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux
Evro golf course
A place to practice! © Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux

The starts were rather timid, but the first ball to take off to hit 70-80m provides some relief. This gesture is not difficult to master, you just have to follow the instructions of the trainer to avoid falling into a bad habit. Of course, there were a few mistakes between the 40 balls, but the result was more than honorable.

Double shot hole

To finish off the start, we switch to hole number 3 of the nine-hole course. We will try to get the ball as a team. Each in turn, under the urgent but benevolent gaze of the others, we send the ball towards the red flag representing the hole. Of the fifteen members of the group, I am the one who came closest to the goal (the second victory dance).

We change the club again to end the match with hang around. Less intelligent, I only managed to get a little closer to the hole. But a young woman makes the perfect shot, allowing us to achieve a bird (Hole in two clips). It’s easier when we play as a team, but our coach congratulates us on our great performance.

Free kickoff at Evro Local Golf Course until June 5, 2022, Friday through Monday. Register at 02 32 39 66 22 or at golf-evreux.com

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