Women’s basketball: a fresh start for the Voltigeurs

Basketball. New leaders, a changing roster: It’s a fresh start for the Cégep de Drummondville women’s basketball team.

Over the past few days, Genevieve Bellot has been appointed head coach of the Voltigeurs, who play in Division Two of the Circuit de Quebec College. Last season, the 40-year-old supported coach Alexander Yirgo in his duties.

A product of Drummondville school basketball, Genevieve Bellot played for the Voltigeurs for three seasons before moving to Division I with Cégep de Sherbrooke. For 17 years now, it has been giving back to young people by training teams of various calibers under the Patriots program at La Baudriere High School. She also worked as a school-wide referee for twelve years.

For Geneviève Pilote, team spirit is the most important value within the organization.

“As a coach, I always aim to create good harmony within the team. I like when there is a good atmosphere in the gym, both in practice and during matches. Usually, once that chemistry is set, the rest will follow. Then, perseverance, work and rigor are very important aspects.” “When you do something, you don’t do it halfway,” she explained.

From a strategic point of view, Geneviève Pilote advocates a style of play based on speed. “I’m a girl who works a lot on the defensive side, but I also like to have a quick counter-attack. We’re going to work a lot on that. It’s a style in the continuity of the pattern we had last year,” said Drummondfiloise, who will continue to be involved as a coach at La Baudriere as well as in her role as an officiant. , with some differences.

Carol Ann Smith as Right Hand

Carol Ann Smith will support Genevieve Bellot in her missions. Originally from Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, the latter developed with the river Marie Rivière High School and the Lynx of Cégep Édouard-Montpetit. As soon as she finished her studies, she took refuge in the training community at the Marie Rivière School.

“Carol Ann will bring a breath of fresh air. She has other basketball experience. We’ve played more or less at the same levels, but not at the same time. Basketball changes a lot. We all have our game tactics. I’m really a girl on the team, so I want To bring our ideas together. This is what will allow us to accomplish great things,” Genevieve Bellot explained.

“Team chemistry is important, but it often starts with chemistry between the coaches. We both want the girls to work hard, but have fun every time they show up in the gym.”

On occasion, Genevieve Bellot will call on her husband Simone Beaulieu as a guest coach during training. The latter leads teams from Poudrière in addition to being a referee.

“Basketball is really healthy at the high school level in Drummondville. Even junior basketball does well in elementary school. Young people are tired of sports during the pandemic. They are back in droves. Now we are short on coaches.

young team

Last season, the Voltigurs combined a record eight wins and four losses, climbing to fourth place in the standings in the Centre-du-Québec division. This was a marked improvement over previous years. During the Cégep de Drummondville’s recent annual gala, the women’s basketball team inherited the title of the running sports discipline.

At Voltigor’s last annual gala, the women’s basketball team was awarded the Sports Discipline in Progress title. (Photo: Cegep de Drummondville)

“The team has come a long way. From last place in the standings three years ago, it climbed to the top four last year. The coaches and players worked hard to achieve this result. Together they developed the team for the third year. Even against the teams ahead of us in the standings, it was matches convergent.

During the Northeast Conference Championships held in Cégep Sainte-Foy, Team Drummondville lost to Cégep Champlain St. Lawrence in the quarter-finals.

While at least seven veterans have finished their internship in college, only five players should return with the Voltigeurs in 2022-2023. They are Jade Marcotte, Laurie Allard, Heidi Bauer, Alexia Chabot and Charlie Smith.

“To this little core who already has a good background in basketball, we are going to add five to seven girls from Mary Riviere School and maybe some players from outside the district. We will also try to get some veterans to start playing again. We hope to get a Some nice surprises at the gym during August Camp.”

“We will have a slightly smaller team than last year, but I’m still aiming for a record above 0.500. We have good teams in our division, like Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke, but I think we can compete with everyone,” concluded the new pilot Voltigeurs.

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