computer from the hat

Tuesday, the resumption of Saeed’s case, which we do not see its end. In the program, there are many twists and turns: the discovery of a computer that has hitherto gone unnoticed.

Proceedings resume in Said v. 13e Criminal Chamber of the Luxembourg Provincial Court, Tuesday. The trial, initially set for eight sessions, is entering its fourth week. Said, a young businessman of Moroccan origin, is suspected of having robbed his ex-girlfriend, a restaurateur of Chinese origin, after tampering with her. He claims that he only wanted to recover the money owed by Jiaoli for the renovations carried out on his premises. Documents that could attest to this theory have disappeared and the two protagonists accuse each other of concealing them.

Documents proving his good faith, in particular, Saïd had promised to provide, kept the court on hold and prolonged discussions. “We received spare parts,” the head of the criminal chamber attacked us on Tuesday morning before the defense asked where he got them from. “How can they reappear after three years of investigation?” She questions the authenticity of these documents and those that were paid during the last week of the trial. “Are you sure you don’t pay us fakes?”e Hellinckx who says from the principle that he should be able to trust his client. says me writing. “The customer has the last word. He delegates to us.”

session adjournment

These documents come from a computer found last week in Saeed’s former office by the trustee of his company’s bankruptcy. “Shouldn’t this computer be used by the police, and what should have been included in the bankruptcy inventory?” The president turns away. “We have no trace of it. It’s not going well! If the defendant thinks this is the correct way to defend himself, he is wrong. According to M.e Fatehzadeh, the alleged victim’s lawyer, Saeed was going to the scene with the coordinator, clerk and contractor who crushed him. “If this is the truth, then Saeed has violated his judicial oversight,” the president punctuated. The plaintiff proposes to review the terms and, if necessary, dismiss him. The end of the relationship is getting more and more.

In light of these new elements, the President of the Criminal Chamber decided to suspend the session to consider continuing the discussions. In the room, the prosecutor and the investigator search their huge files for evidence of this computer before its sudden appearance in the case on Tuesday morning. Said, who is wearing a black jacket and white shirt, remains steadfast on the defendants’ bench. The 30-year-old stares straight ahead and doesn’t let any emotion appear.

The session resumed after very long minutes. This was followed by a discussion about what the coordinator should or should not do and why the computer was recovered at this point in the state that no one was interested in until now. The President requests that the Trustee be cited this afternoon in front of the Assizes Chamber. “It’s a slap from the blow to the whole nose. ‘Brother of the defender is the custodian,'” said the president. “The court has no confidence in this case. It stinks!” The defense exonerates itself by noting that it tracked down the accused who mentioned scaffolding for the amount of 130,000 euros, and he remained at the scene. The lawyers were advising their client to notify the curator who, while visiting the site, was to find the famous computer.

A dream turned into a nightmare

Jiaoli was the “perfect victim” and Said was a “little girl’s dream”, according to Me Fatehzadeh is the young woman’s lawyer. However, he would have taken advantage of the young woman’s charity by using a “committee of pressure” to achieve his goals, the party’s civilian lawyer charged. He began explaining the concept of authority in Chinese culture, such as respecting authority and protecting the elderly, to explain his reactions to the defendant who claimed to be an important figure with high-level contacts, including the former Minister of Luxembourg.

Me Fathzadeh describes the “manipulative and violent” man before dismantling the “misleading” argument the defendant has used since the case began. Jiaoli is currently in a precarious situation. He notes, “She has to borrow money from her relatives to pay the debts contracted to satisfy the defendant.” The alleged victim wants to try to recover a significant portion of the lost sums. His lawyer is asking for more than one million euros in compensation for various moral, physical and sexual damages, various blackmails and abuse of vulnerability with violence and threats, loss of income and goodwill, among others. He was interrupted by the hour and will continue his civic role this afternoon.

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