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Michelle Wee West will compete in this week’s event as well as the 2023 US Women’s Open before retiring

Michelle Wee West said she wouldn’t retire if she didn’t win the 2014 US Women’s Open, and she has no regrets as she prepares for the penultimate pro golf tournament at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club.

Last week, the 32-year-old announced that she is retiring from the LPGA Tour, her last two events being the US Women’s Open in 2022 and 2023.

The American, who gave birth to daughter McKenna in 2020, says her body is now struggling to deal with the rigors of professional golf.

“Announcing this has always been a bit bittersweet, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while,” Wei West said.

“Just coming back here where I kind of won the US Women’s Open, obviously not the same golf course but in the same area, it’s so amazing to come back and see all the fans and see all the players.

Wie West won her first major title at the US Women's Open in 2014

Wie West won her first major title at the US Women’s Open in 2014

“You know, first of all, I want to say that I have no regrets about my career. There is always an idea that I wish I had done more.

“But I feel that no matter what, no one is going to be 100% satisfied. I have had a challenging career for sure, but I am very proud of the resilience I have shown over the course of my career.”

“I am so proud of achieving my two biggest dreams, one to graduate from Stanford University and one to win the US Women’s Open. Checking both on the list means everything to me. I am so proud of myself.

“I’ve always wanted to do more, but I feel like everyone feels that way, so I’m definitely giving myself some grace and enjoying this last week.

“If I don’t win the 2014 US Open, I definitely won’t retire, and I will still be here playing and chasing that win. This win means everything to me.”

The US Women’s Open will see its penultimate tournament held, and Wie West has kept its focus on absorbing the atmosphere of the action rather than thinking about the importance of winning.

She added, “Yeah, I’m definitely managing expectations now. I definitely didn’t have the training schedule that I normally have before the US Open.

“This week, I’ve absorbed everything. I see all the fans, I see all the players, I walk. It’s so cool.

“My competitive side obviously wants to win and do my best. It will be a fun week.”

Wie West’s career has drawn praise from 10-time major champion Annika Sorenstam, who remembers the 32-year-old as an impressive teenager with a strong swing.

“She had an amazing career to start with. I think I played with her a few times when she was, 13, 14, maybe 15.

I played with her in the last band in what is now called, Chevron Championship. She was Dinah Shore at the time. I played with her on the last group.

“Having an amateur, who was a teenager at the time, is really impressive. I hit the ball so far.

“I remember his shot was really powerful, especially his corner game. She rolled the ball a lot and being 6ft tall, I was like, wow, that girl got it.

“Like I said, she still had a great career in many ways. Others might have thought she would do more, but it’s hard to win here. She won the US Open, you know, and other events. She was great at the game.”

Watch the US Women’s Open all week live on Sky Sports. Live coverage begins Thursday at 6 p.m. on Sky Sports Mix.

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