Bouthier Leisure Center

By Julie M., Laurent P. Posted June 2, 2022 2:04 pm

Notice to families! The Pothiers Island Leisure Center is now waiting for you to enjoy outdoor activities, such as swimming, tennis, pool (from June 18) or tree climbing.

Buthiers Entertainment Base is now waiting for you to breathe fresh air with the family. And in terms of activities, there are a lot of beautiful things: walks in Forest Walking AreasMini golf, bike rental, tree climbing, swimming… Enough to have a good time with yourself!

Note, however, that the pool must be open from June 18, on Wednesdays and weekends from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Anyway, the file Pothry Recreation Center It is the perfect place to decompress during the holidays: climbing, catapult, laser game, spider web and also ZORB, giant balls and swimming pool, the site opens the doors of its new water complex to you.

About the Pothier Recreation Center Program:

Bathing complex: Consists of Swimming pool with an area of ​​1400 square meters Beside 7 slices And an area of ​​600 square meters dedicated to children with slides, water games and a giant spider, it appeals to the whole family From June to August At €9 per adult and €7.50 per child. Complement this infrastructure The largest 12-meter sliding simulator in France allowing to exercise browseThe WIC-BOARD And the water skiing Summer and winter thanks to the heated room (50€ price for adults from 10 years old, 30€ for children 3/6 years old, 40€ for children 7/9 years old)

Picnics and restaurants: Several picnic areas equipped with tables are at your disposal. In addition, Croq’loisirs Cafeteria is open every weekend in the summer to relieve the pangs of hunger and thirst. However, the proximity to the Fontainebleau Forest forbids and prohibits the use of barbecues!

  • Children’s playground: Spider-rope-like structure awaits children under the supervision of parents
  • Multi sports area Basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, an 8-meter climbing wall, and a free skate park.
  • travel adventure: At Buthiers, 10 tree-climbing courses await everyone all year round (€26 for 10-year-olds, €19 for 7-9, and €11 for 3-6) and for the more adventurous Spider Filet promises the same sensations, but without being hooked (€19 per hour)
  • Mountain bike trails and fun bikes: The Isle of Bouthier Theme Park has the largest two- and three-wheeled park in Ile-de-France with more than 120 kilometers of marked circuits, 8 courses from 3 to 40 km waiting for you, from the green level to the red level and for lovers of new sensations, Buthiers has 200 bikes (KMX, QBX, recumbent bikes, adult tandems, scooters, electric bikes) for rent €34 per day or €21 for half a day.
  • laser game : A painless laser game (infrared system) and an outdoor laser game are waiting for you all year round, for a great battle in a natural (and painless) environment. 15 euros for 30 minutes.
  • Bow throwing: Archery is ideal for teenagers, as it is an activity that requires accuracy, calmness and focus. In Buthiers, group shooting is supervised only (maximum 12 people, at €205 for 3 hours)
  • nature area: A decadent school and educational garden await you with introductory workshops on biodiversity. Beekeeping courses for adults are offered on Saturdays, while the nature club is open for kids during short school holidays!
  • Trailers: 3 trailers with fully equipped kitchen, dining area, double bed in bedroom, 2 bunk beds and storage bed in living room.Available for you to stay in the heart of nature, 149 euros per night and 219EUR for two nights on weekends !
  • mini golf: An 18-hole mini golf course is waiting for you, and good news, it’s served during the summer, and taking advantage of it, it lets you take a break between two swims!
  • pony club: The center has 8 ponies of all sizes, trained to meet the needs of the little ones; Handmade storyboards can be used for children from 3 years old (14€ for 45 minutes and 7€ for 15 minutes) and children can benefit from lessons for 30€ per hour!

In short, a base that has everything to please all ages. Kids will be in the corners in the new paddling pools while teens and adults themselves will thrill with the sliding simulators.

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