Basketball: JDA Dijon pays for his efforts against ASVEL

JDA Dijon until the end of the first half on Friday, June 3, dominated the mutiny after returning from the locker room, without being able to put out Villeurbannais (101-90), who is now 2-0 up in the Betclic series. Elite semi-finals.

From defeat to match one on Wednesday, JDA Dijon could have held onto quality in the third and fourth quarters. From these two periods, we had to draw inspiration to start Match 2 on a good footing, on Friday, June 3rd again at Astrobel. Except that the shooting skill was not there yet from the start of the match: 11-2 down in three minutes of play.
JDA reassured Dijon with a 7-0 return from the first time-taken by Nenad Markovic. But Villeurbannais then set off to win the first quarter by ten points (26-16).

Seeing that it was more difficult than his opponent to find the rhythm, Dijon stuck, but the slightest estimate was approved by the talent and robotic mechanisms of Villeurbanne. It was also necessary for Jane’s players to put in a little more defensiveness and intensity, and not much was applied to stop the race for the lead in Villeurbannese. With ease in the implementation of systems and transitions.

Being 12 points behind ASVEL in the first half (52-40), JDA Dijon owes it above all else 5/5, including three from three points, from David Holston in the second quarter. The difference in the score was quite clear, in favor of Velorbanes who can count on Youssoufa Fall, Marcos Knight or Eli Okubo.

Did not weigh people from Dijon

More than a good part of the match, Dijonnais needed other, more impactful solutions. However, Nenad Markovic’s players were on their way to score at the expense of a very big third quarter. Ten minutes, during which he took advantage of Dijonna (72-75).

In this, regret is stronger than on Wednesday, because JDA Dijon lost the match in money time, in particular his handicap due to personal errors and clearly paid for their efforts to get back into the game. Not to mention low spins and individuals like Gavin Weir and Carrington’s cheeks a little in sight or embarrassed (8 rebounds but only 9 points for Ware, and three free throws for Carrington’s cheeks).
With David Holston at 28 and Chase Simon at 20, there was enough to cash in on more, but also better defend during the entire game that every player still scored 20 or more points.
It must also be said that, on the contrary, the opposing team looks like a formidable fleet.

In the end, ASVEL succeeded in its first task in this semi-final: winning its first two home matches in the Astroballe. La JDA Dijon de son côté s’est en partie remise de la raclée qui se dessinait dangereusment à l’entame de cette série, même s’il faudra encore hausser le niveau pour rivaliser sur toute la durée d’lancer vrai vrai et a match et serial.

In this sense, the third match, scheduled this time at the Jean-Michel Geoffroy gym in Dijon, will be decisive. First, because Dijon supporters want to light a fire in the positive sense of the term. Then because Nenad Markovic and his men no longer have the right to make mistakes in this series. Another defeat will end the season. Let’s hope it’s not Monday, June 6th. between 8:30 pm.

Alex Berther
Photo: Alex Berther

In Villeurbanne, in Astrubel, Asvel beat JDA Dijon: 101-90 (26-16, 26-24, 20-35, 29-15).
ASVEL Score: Kubo (26), Jones (20), Knight (20), Val (14), Geist (8), Lacombe (7), Antikonmo (4), Howard (2), Leite (0)), Strazel (0), Diot (0, did not play), Osetkowski (0, did not play).
Dijon points: Holston (28), Simon C (20), Kelly (14), Weir (9), Lom (8), Ducotti (5), Carrington (3), Gomez (3), Camardin (0, Verb) not playing), Simon A. (0, not played).

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