ESS 2024 – 3 Questions to Pascal Grizot, President of the French Golf Federation » Economic and Political Message from PACA

On the occasion of the Awards Ceremony for the 18th Edition of the Sporsora Sports Marketing Awards, the French Golf Federation has been awarded the new “Responsible Commitment” award.

Going back to the commitments of FF Golf with its president, Pascal Grizot.

1) Golf clubs areas rich in biodiversity, what role does the French Golf Federation play in leading the approach to ecological transformation?

The interactions between golf and its playing environment, as with all outdoor sports, are very strong, and they heighten our sensitivity to the organisms that surround us when we play. Golf and the environment are inseparable Each golf course harbors a rich, beautiful but also threatened nature. In total, the 742 French golf structures Representing an area of ​​about 33,000 hectares, 3 times the size of the city of Paris, the golf industry therefore shares this responsibility of adopting sustainable management of these sites.

This environmental transformation approach, developed in close partnership with the ministries responsible for sport, environmental transformation, agriculture and food, is based on a framework agreement “Golf and the Environment”. It is translated into a national program that is concretely rejected through a strategy in 3 axes:

  • knowledge and conservation of biodiversity,
  • Responsibly manage irrigation,
  • Adoption of sustainable pasture maintenance.

2) The French Golf Federation has won the new “Responsible Commitment” award from the 2022 Sporsora Sports Marketing Awards for creating the “Golf for Biodiversity” brand. How is it applied concretely within the federation and clubs? Is the union doing other work in favor of protecting the environment?

The Sporsora Cup recognizes the seriousness, credibility and innovative nature of our approach and we are very pleased with it. The Golf & Label Biodiversity Program was launched in 2018 with scientific and technical support from the National Museum of Natural History. We give the clubs the keys so that they are know the Biodiversity from their website, work to protect it but also Educating Practitioners for this wealth. Nowadays, Nearly 70 clubs are already ranked. They have enabled the identification of more than 23,000 nature data and established actions to conserve and raise awareness of biodiversity. This momentum drives us to reach and exceed our goal: 200 certified clubs by 2024. Our golf courses will be, and tomorrow, sports spaces that enhance the well-being and health of our residents and always more, Assets to protect biodiversity.

We also carry out many other works. First of all towards the youth while educating golf school children on the environment. But also towards our federal ecosystem with the support of clubs to launch the investment work of More sustainable water management (As official through our partnership with the Seine Normandy Water Agency). Also to develop research and development work to manage our flights more responsibly. Finally, for all golfers: We communicate regularly with our licensees in order to promote good club and sector practice and to change mindsets.

3) In 2024, Golf National de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines will welcome the best golfers on the planet to the Olympics. How is the French Golf Federation preparing to meet the social and environmental requirements of the Organizing Committee?

Hosting the Olympic event at Le Golf National is a source of great pride and a great opportunity to show all the projects that have already been undertaken for Accelerate the ecological transformation of golf. Golf National is undoubtedly one of the golf courses in the world where biodiversity is famous. The inventories were made, in particular by experts from the National Museum of Natural History, for the knowledge in order to better preserve them. Several concrete actions are carried out there allowing sustainable site management While ensuring the requirements of the very high standard represented by the Olympic Games.

Also, we are already working with COJOP Paris 2024 to ensure that together we will organize a golf event Meet the requirements of the first exemplary JOP program in terms of environmental and sports excellence. This is part of the dynamics of our signing of the Charter of 15 Responsible Commitments for the Environment by organizers of sporting events led by the Ministry of Sport and the WWF.

Enfin, l’héritage de cet évènement doit nous permettre d’engager des actions de recherches et d’expérimentations pour relever le défi d’offrir dès 2025 des parcours encore plus respectueux de l’environnement tout ‘ex our en préservant par Collection.

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