He died “sadly” after the death of his wife, his teacher in Texas, their 4 children are orphans

The shooting that broke out in Texas, United States on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Ovaldi shocked the world. In this town 130 kilometers west of San Antonio at Robb Elementary School, an attacker killed 21 people, including 19 children and two teachers. The husband of one of these two professors passed away “sadly”.

On the day of the tragedy, the perpetrator, who was only 18 years old, bought two assault rifles. After storming the grounds of Robb Elementary School at the end of the morning, he opened fire. The outcome of this shooting is one of the deadliest losses in recent years. Unfortunately, this tragedy is not the first to occur in the United States. We remember the killings that happened before in the United States, memories of the horror that still haunts Americans and the rest of the world, like the infamous Columbine massacre.

This time again, the Texas shootings in a school setting, an elementary school setting, a horrific tragedy similar to the Sandy Hook tragedy, occurred in 2012. It reignites the gun debate in the country once again, while lives are at stake daily, and entire families are bereaved.

Shooting at Ulvade: The drama within the drama

A terrible tragedy led to another death because the husband of a teacher, devastated by pain and despair, could not bear the death of his wife Irma Garcia. He literally died of “sadness” two days later. Joe Garcia followed his wife to death, dying two days after the catastrophic “medical emergency” occurred, Thursday, May 26. The couple left behind four children, four inconsolable orphans.

His crime boss, a teenager, in a family feud, a recluse and a school dropout, Salvador Ramos bought two assault rifles. Before entering the primary school end of the morning and opened fire in several classrooms. Thus, children and teachers were killed, and more than ten children were injured. The police intervened too late, according to the first investigation elements, to neutralize the shooter.

A horrific tragedy plunged the families of the victims into mourning, but it also resulted in another tragic incident, as the husband of a teacher died of “sadness”, Thursday, May 26, 2022, a number of members of his family announced.

We can die of sadness

Irma Garcia, one of the teachers who was shot and killed in the shooting, was trying to protect her class when tragedy struck. She has been a fourth-grade teacher at this Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi, Texas, for more than two decades. His class was linked to that of classmate Eva Meirelles, another teacher who was also a victim of the 18-year-old shooter, in the Ovaldi massacre.

Joe Garcia, Irma Garcia’s husband, was deeply affected by the loss of his wife. He died two days after a heart attack, according to a local TV reporter. Joe and Irma Garcia have been married for 24 years and have four children: the oldest is 23 and three other teens, ages 13, 15 and 19 respectively, who are now orphans.

John Martinez, who introduced himself as Irma Garcia’s nephew, who is still in shock, announced the sad news on Twitter: “It breaks my heart and despairs to announce that my Aunt Irma’s husband, Joe Garcia, has sadly passed away.”did he say.

The 21-year-old student at Texas State University made the painful discovery of The New York Times. According to the teacher’s nephew who died tragically, his uncle went to the monument on Thursday, May 26, in honor of the murder victims. Unable to bear so much pain, mired in grief, he lost his heart. Joe Garcia collapsed as soon as he got home, after this memorial celebration in Ovaldi.

According to the information you provided The New York Times, Irma Garcia’s 50-year-old husband upon arriving home after honoring his wife’s memory by laying flowers there. Joe Garcia had been home for three minutes and was sitting surrounded by his family when the tragedy struck. They tried to revive him to no avail.

Joe Garcia and his wife Irma Garcia

“I’m convinced Joe died of a broken heart.”

Another young man who identified himself as the teacher’s nephew confirmed that the victim’s husband had died of a heart attack. For him, it’s undeniable: His uncle Joe Garcia died of grief. The bereaved young man captured, saying: “I’m really at a loss for words to say how we all feel”, he wrote. He also thinks of children who no longer have a father or mother today: “No child should go through this, my heart breaks for them”he added.

Debra Austin, Irma’s cousin also thinks of the four children of Irma and Joe Garcia, and so had the idea of ​​creating a cat to cater to the couple’s missing children. Many donors did not hesitate to contribute, and thanks to their generosity, more than $1.8 million has already been raised to support orphans. Many donors, some of whom are based abroad, were also present to accompany their donation with a word of support in these sad and painful circumstances. As a man named Peter Frampton deplores this cruel double disappearance: “What a tragic loss. I hope this donation will help this family rebuild their lives.”.

As for Debra Austin, the cat parent, she in turn explained that Joe Garcia was really heartbroken. The poor man was not spared his grief, as she points out on her GoFundMe fundraising page: “I am convinced that Joe died of a broken heart, and losing the love of his life after 25 years together was unbearable”Debra said.

Irma and Joe Garcia met in high school and have not been parted since. They have been married for nearly a quarter of a century. A love after death, inseparable, forever reunited forever. As for their children, if they remain without consolation today, may their bruised little hearts be healed and that they will be able to rebuild themselves and find, with the healing power of time, the strength to move on and overcome their grief.

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