Let’s start with MacBook Air (Apple M2): We can’t wait to own one

At Apple Park for WWDC 2022, Numerama had the opportunity to preview the new MacBook Air. The ‘Minuit’ model, completely dark, has it all in the perfect PC.

With the M1 chip in 2020, Apple gave a new boost to its Macs. More powerful and above all more durable, Apple computers have entered a new era. The only thing we could get Apple wrong about is the lack of aesthetic changes between Intel MacBooks and Apple Silicon MacBooks, which could give the impression that the brand hasn’t reached its full potential. MacBook Pros with the M1 Pro or M1 Max chip and then go through with it, but these devices aren’t for everyone. Even if all Macs became good, in 2020 and 2021 there wasn’t a single product that could make everyone agree.

Something tells us that this situation is about to change. The new MacBook Air, equipped with the Apple M2 chip, has everything that is the ideal computer for the general public, whether you’re a novice or a loyal veteran of the range. From Cupertino, where we went on Monday 6 June for WWDC, we had the opportunity to play with her in the preview.

A design that makes everyone agree

Let’s start with the day’s only disappointment: the new MacBook Air isn’t available in several light colors, as rumors have indicated for months (we’ve been hoping for MacBooks in pink or yellow, like the iMac). Apple is very conservative with the use of space gray, silver, and “starlight” (the new name for gold). Too bad, this MacBook Air 2022 has everything to gain by assuming a more fun side. Fortunately, there is a fourth, more refreshing color: “Midnight.” This dark blue color covers the entire computer, including the keyboard body, and it looks amazing. It is indeed our favorite colour.

The MacBook Air M2 in the “Midnight” edition is reminiscent of the 2006 black MacBook Pro. // Source: Numerama

In hand, this MacBook Air M2 is undoubtedly more modern than previous MacBook Airs. why ? Just because he’s giving up his V design (or > to be more realistic). Since the first MacBook Air in 2008, Apple has always cheated on the ingenuity of its flagship computer. The MacBook Air is very thin at the level of its trackpad, but it has a classic thickness at the level of the screen. This feature is no longer available. In 2022, the new MacBook Air finally became the same when closed (1.13 cm).

MacBook Air locked
MacBook Air enclosed with the same thickness throughout. // Source: Nomirama

Like the MacBook Pro M1 Pro/Max, the new MacBook Air is also entitled to a completely flat screen and more rounded edges. Those choices pay off, we really love the look of this PC. Its 13.6-inch screen is also nicer than the 13.3-inch screen of previous generations because it nibbles at the edges. Only downside: Notch, as in the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air Notch
It looks like the notch will remain. // Source: Nomirama

MagSafe charger to release port

Once again, the MacBook Air is inspired by the MacBook Pro. It revives Apple’s iconic magnetic charging port, which prevents your computer from shattering if someone trips your cable. In every MacBook Air box, there will be a USB-C to MagSafe cable in the color of the computer. Of course, a USB-C charger can still be used.

MagSafe MacBook Air
MagSafe charger is provided in the box. // Source: Nomirama

If we can regret the lack of other ports, such as the SD card reader, it is difficult to complain about it for a consumer product. We really like the overall look of the MacBook Air, which has everything from a computer we’ve always wanted in our bag.

What is the power of the M2 chip?

If we rely on the capabilities of the Mac M1, it is a safe bet that the MacBook Air M2 meets the needs of the vast majority of users. With its new, more modern design, this MacBook Air beats the entry-level MacBook Pro in our opinion, also equipped with an M2 chip but with an older generation design. Apple certainly has a future bestseller.

MacBook Air M2-2
MacBook Air M2 has more modern curves. // Source: Nomirama

What about the actual performance of the M2 chip? Let’s be honest, the 10 minutes we spent on our new MacBook Air won’t help us answer that question. We are now looking forward to testing the device to validate our first impressions. Have we found the perfect computer? At a price of 1499 euros, our only disappointment is that the MacBook Air M2 costs more than the MacBook Air M1 which, moreover, remains in the catalog at a fixed price (1199 euros).

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